Sunday, July 27, 2014

forty-two week still working hard

It has been a long and hard week. We have been MIA for about 3 days. Last Sunday my companion was sick, and we spent 2 days in La Merced. Coming back from being gone for so long can be hard, because your investigators always seem to disappear when you don’t see them for a little. But, luckily we were able to find most of them. As of right now, there is just one that we cannot find. We have tried looking for Pedro 3 or 4 times last week. It would be so much easier if he actually used the cellphone he has. He never charges it or pays for minutes. Finding him is like an intense game of hide and go seek. But, he is such an amazing investigator; a really great guy. Well I would like to start this letter with some humor. On Friday we were waiting in the Elders´ pension because we had a meeting with the bishop. While waiting we decided to try the anticuchos that the Elders´ pension´s daughter sells. She sells two different types: chicken breast, and beef heart. I wanted the beef heart, because they say its delicious, and it is. My companion wanted the chicken breast, because she is not a huge fan of weird meat. I began to try to convince her to try the beef heart, and she was absolutely refusing, until the less active member says, ´Hermana Jensen, if you eat an anticucho of beef heart I will go to church on Sunday!!´. She did not have to say no more for my companion to want to eat the anticucho. She began eating it and it was so funny! Her face said it all! She kept repeating while chewing it, íts all mental, its all mental…. You can do this. Hahaha I thought it was so funny. But long story short… the less active didn’t come to church, but it made for a memorable night. Now on to my investigators… there is always good news(: Dayeli is progressing AMAZINGLY!!! She reads her scriptures, and prays every night. She is an amazing little girl. She is doing everything we ask her to, but coming to church has always been an issue for her. She is only 11 years old, but she has so many responsibilities. She takes care of her two younger sisters who are 4 and 1 year old. She basically is like a mother to them, and its hard for a grown woman to go to church with those responsibilities can you imagine on an 11 year old? But, this Sunday she came to church! I was so surprised!!! She brought her two younger sisters all dressed up with their Sunday Best, and to beat it she lives like 25 minutes away from the chapel walking!! If only we all had the faith of this young child to come all by herself to church. We have set up an appointment with her mother and father to get her permission slip signed for her to be baptized. The last time we spoke to them it was 3 months ago, and they gave us a list of things that theyd like to see in Dayeli in order to allow her to be baptized, and shes doing them! I am so excited. Please keep Dayeli in your prayers(: Now the wonderful Familia Montes. They are doing great. We talked to them about getting married this week, and they accepted!!!! They have plans to get married the 24th of August in a massive wedding going on in Oxapampa, because it will be cheaper. I was so surprised because usually talking about getting married is like pulling teeth. I was so happy when they both agreed to get married… shoot I felt like I was getting married hahahaha. But, Satan is really smart in how we wants to discourage people from always doing the right thing. Last time we saw them they had an argument, and we are afraid that it could discourage them from getting married. Please pray for them to hold on strong, and to grow in their testimony of Jesus Christ. But, the biggest news for the week is that Hna Jensen, and I will be helping the Villa Rica Relief Society with their Visiting Teaching responsibilities. We are coordinating with the RS President to plan an activity in which we will explain to the women what RS is, what Visiting Teaching is, and introduce the companionships to one another. I hope this all becomes a hit. My past calling in the YSA ward was Visiting Teaching coordinator hopefully my past experiences can help me with what we have planned to strengthen this ward. 
con amor,

hna macias

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