Sunday, July 27, 2014

forty-three week little success in Villa Rica which is good

Well this week has been a crazy week, but its been a good week as well. This week has been full of miracles, and lessons. But this week has also been tons of fun. We decided to celebrate the 4th of July with a member who used to live in Florida. It was so much fun! We made burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, smores, and ROASTED STRABURTS! It was so much fun to be celebrating such a special day with the elders, the members, and their family. I love America (: This week I had been receiving many promptings to go and visit a sister in the ward. But, I kept thinking I can definitely go sometime later on in the week, or I would say I cant today I will try to make it tomorrow. When the prompting was very strong and I could not deny it anymore I gave in and told my companion that we should probably visit this sister. We finally got to her home, and we did not find her. But, her husband was home, and he had told us, ´wow, I am so glad you came´. He began to explain to me that his wife had been having a horrible week. She had found out that her grandmother had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and her close friend was very sick as well. His wife had been just hoping for us to stop by and comfort her. When he told me this I felt horrible, because I ignored the prompting for so long. Yesterday during sacrament meeting Hna Chamorro found out that her grandmother had passed away. Luckily we were there and we were able to compfrt her when she really needed it. But, I learned a very valuable lesson this week. NEVER postpone a spiritual prompting. No matter how small. No matter how insignificant it may seem to you. The Lord is asking you to be on His errand, and we need to gladly accept and press forward. This experience I am pretty sure will serve me for the rest of my life. Now on to the miracles of this week, lately I have been praying for help and guidance as to what I should do to help the ward. I have truly been divinely led in my personal study, and in the streets. The whole 3 months I have been in Villa Rica I have had very little success finding any less actives, but this week they have been popping out of no where! Whats even greater is the fact that all of them are in the Young Women and Relief Society organizations. It has been a real testimony builder for me to be able to find these people at a time in my mission where I have been focusing on those organizations, and how to help them. I testify that our Father in Heaven knows our hearts, and He knows and recognizes how hard we work to do His will. He does answer our prayers and He guides us everyday. At times we don’t realize that He is guiding us until everything is over, and we can look back and notice that He had been carrying along this whole time. I love the Lord, and I love His gospel. I am so glad that I can dedicate 18 months of my life to Him, and His children. I know that great things are coming ahead. They might not be big changes, and they might not mean much to many, but it will make the difference for a few. I ask you to please keep these inactive sisters in your prayers, and to keep me in your prayers so that I may know how I can help them to come back to full activity.
Con amor,
Hna macias (:

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