Sunday, July 27, 2014

forty five-week Third tramsfer in Villa Rica

Another transfer down in this awesome life as a missionary. A third
transfer in Villa Rica I think is going to do wonders for me. I have
so much to learn still, and I am excited to. This área is very
difficult but just the past 3 months that I have been here I have seen
huge changes. I would like to share a very cool experience that
happened the Tuesday before transfers. A member asked us if we could
go to her home for an FHE she was having, and we made room in our
Schedule to attend. To my surprise a couple members got to together to
say goodbye, and express their feelings for us. They expressed their
feelings of love for us, and admiration. I was surprised that I had
done something for them. I was able to show forth love towards them,
and concern that I wanted their ward to be better. They said that they
felt christlike love from me, and that was really awesome to hear. Now
my new companion is Hna Whitlock. She is from Gilbert, Arizona. She
has been on her mission for 8 months. She just got out of Huanuco for
the first time in her whole mission. I really like her. She is a lot
different than I am and I think that’s gonna help me a ton. She is a
lot from bold, and direct. I feel like that’s gonna help tons in Villa
Rica. I think my favorite thing about her is her work ethic. It has
been a while since I have had a companion who is very, very hard
working. It’s the greatest feeling in the world to come home from a
long day`s work and be tired, because you know that you did your
absolute best for the Lord. I am about to hit my one year mark on the
mission in about 10 days, and its crazy how fast this time in our
lives goes by. I remember when I was trying to decide to go on a
mission, and look at me now?!  I am almost done serving my God, my
family, and the people of Peru. This is an amazing experience, and I
will always remember it. Something I have been thinking a lot about
lately is the will of Heavenly Father. Sometimes the craziest things
can happen, even to the nicest person, and yet we need to see the
larger picture of everything. It is during those moments when prayer
becomes more vital in our lives, but we don’t pray to change Heavenly
Father`s will, but rather we pray so that we may understand it better!
I know that prayer is so important through this mortal life, and that
it has become a necessity of life for me. I love to pray. I love to
communicate to my Father in Heaven, I love to know and feel everyday
that He does love me and you.
Con amor,
Hna Karen Lisette Macias

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