Sunday, June 1, 2014

Thirty-fourth week Feliz Cinco de mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo! If I cant eat mexican food, hopefully you can for me(: I like tacos, enchiladas, and burritos. I continue to tan very nicely in my new area. People actually think that I am Peruvian, so that should hint on how good of a tan I am rocking. We started eating at our new pension this week. Our new pensionista is a member who owns an Italian restaurant in Villa Rica. I am loving eating there. The food is wonderful, and we get to eat a lot of vegetables. But, what I love the most are the portions(: Theyre super normal, and I love it. Everyone kept telling me that I would gain weight in La Selva, and I am going to prove that wrong. I refuse to gain weight, and with this new pension it seems like a legit goal. This week was an awesome week. We found some really great investigators that can progress fast, and we even dropped a couple. I know that the last part doesnt seem like it would be a good thing, but it is. They dont want to change, or progress so we politely told them that we wont be coming over as often. We will drop by every once and a while to see how they are doing though. We are trying to find and focus on the people who want to change and come unto Christ. But there is a lot of progression going on right now. Last week I was feeling extremly over my head. I didnt know what to do, or how to do it. And then once I knew what to do I didnt know where I should begin. My companion, and my District Leader have been telling me a lot this week that they see major changes in my area, and that we will see the fruits of our labor soon. I trust them, and I hope that I am doing my part to help Heavenly Father´s spirit children reach their potential. I started reading the Bible this week, and it is definitely an interesting read. I really like the stories, I will admit though they are a little weird haha. But there are a lot of good doctrine and principles that can be found in the Bible stories. I am about to finish reading Genesis this week, so I am slowly progressing. I am reading the Bible during Personal Study and I am trying to read the Book of Mormon during Language Study. Hopefully this will help me, my companion, and my investigators... extra study! Also my new companion is just awesome. I really love Hna Jensen. I really enjoy our companionship. We truly bring out the best quallities in one another, and we strive everyday to do our best. We always are talking and just laughing. I am very happy and honored to be her companion. This week I have been thinking a lot about, ´what makes a succesful missionary´, and I realized some important things. I realized that my success as a missionary is not based on how many people I help get baptized but rather on how many people I help. My companion and I have been talking a lot about our fear of not baptizing this transfer. As we were speaking we both realized that maybe our mission in Villa Rica is not to baptize. But rather to plant seeds, and help this ward and its members get active in their faith. If that truly is my mission I am very happy to be doing this. I am simply a servant of Christ. I pray for help, and I receive answers, and I simply do as I am told. It makes me think of something I used to tell one of my best friends before we would go on our missions, ´God will always answer our prayers, and the answer will never change. The only thing that changes is our willingness to obey the answer´. I know that if we truly want success as missionaries we need to be obedient, and we need to rely on Heavenly Father´s help. Once we receive help we need to do all in our power to do as we have been guided to do. 

con amor,

hna macias

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