Sunday, June 1, 2014

Thirty-fifth week Mothers day!!!

Happy Mothers Day!!!! Well late Mothers Day. This week was a good week. We had a lot of work to do and get done until the weekend came. On Saturday we had to travel to La Merced. Man it is so hot there. It was not even 10 o{clock and it was so hot and humid. Our Zone Meeting was awesome though. One of my favorite things in the mission is to get inspired help from my fellow missionaries(: I feel like this is an awesome zone! Even though we are really spread out and we wont be able to see each other often if at all but I felt the spirit very strongly during zone meeting. After our zone meeting we had a one hour ride back to Villa Rica with the Elders. We got back at around 1 o´clock and we had our lunch. After lunch we had to run to church for the mothers day activity we promised the ward that we would help prepare and what not. The activity turned out to be a success a ton of people came! The most exciting part was that Hna Jensen and I had 4 investigators present and they brought their families(: Nothing better than that. To have them mix and mingle with the members and feel at home. Hopefully we can get some good progress from them all. I can see that they are changing. Who knows maybe I was sent here to give them that extra needed push they needed? I also was able to speak to one investigator who has been taking the lessons for about 4 months about getting married to her ´husband´, and she agreed. She said that shed talk to him about it, and a couple days later we followed up with her AND SHE DID IT! Not only did she do it, but her husband agreed(: I think we might have a baptism coming up soon! I am so excited. Such a huge tender mercy of the Lord. After that we had a pretty normal sunday. It was jammed packed with all of these things we needed to do. But, the biggest highlight was being able to speak to my Mom and to my Dad. I am so blessed to call them my parents. I appreciate all they have ever done for me. They are the reason why I am here right now. They have helped mold me to become the young woman of God they knew I should be. My family is doing awesome, and they are all progressing. Sorry I dont have much to talk about this week, but next week will be better.

con amor,

hna macias

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