Sunday, June 22, 2014

thirty eighth week

New transfer has begun today. Which means that new beginnings are starting, and new hopes are flourishing. I am excited to see what the Lord has prepared for Mision Peru Huancayo. Well this week has been an interesting one. We worked the best that we could. We got back to our area on Wednesday, and we were fighting some altitude sickness. But, all is well(: Some of our investigators before going to Lima were showing some really amazing progress. My biggest fear was that I would return and that the progress would stop. We came back and some of them went back to old habits, but most are holding out strong! I am excited to see whats in store for them as they showforth true faith. I know that the Lord will help them, and guide them to do whats right. The biggest news is that one of my investigators is getting married this week!!! Which means that she will now be able to partake of baptism. She was so excited to tell us about this. I am excited to see her get baptized, and I am amazed at the faith she demonstrates in wanting to follow the Savior. If you could keep Janet Moscoso in your prayers that would be pretty awesome. She is the best. We have two other investigators that seem to show a lot of potential. They assisted church this sunday, and are just always so happy to see us. I feel like they were truly prepared from on high. If you could also keep Maria, and Cielo in your prayers that would be great. So lately I have been studying Jesus the Christ, and its such an amazing book. I read one chapter and I feel like my mind is blown the whole time. Elder Talmage has a way of taking the smallest detail and just expounding it. He has really helped me to understand our Savior better. I can only imagine how I would feel if one of the 12 apostles or the Prophet talked to me like in person the feeling would be the same. Something that I came across in my reading really interested me. He was speaking about Martha and Mary. The two sisters that are followers of Jesus Christ. He explained how Marthas heart was in the right place. She was trying to make everything perfect for the Savior, and tried to be a good host. But, Mary had an eternal perspective that Martha lacked at that moment. As I was reading I wondered how many times in our lives are we Marthas? Where we place mortal, temporal things before spiritual and eternal things. We have good intentions, and we try to accomplish and do everything that is expected of us. But, we must always remember about the things that matter most. The gospel, and our family relationships should never be mistreated. May we always be Marys, and if we are Marthas from time to time thats alright. But, always place on a higher scale the things of the eternities. Also a friend about 2 months ago sent me a quote from this awesome book. The book is called the Continuous Atonement by Brad Wilcox. The quote said, ¨Their imperfections gave them a reason to seek Christ, and now they wanted to help others do the same. In each case, God did not see their mistakes and sins as hopeless disasters. He saw them as Growing Pains¨. I absolutely love this quote. It reminds me constantly that my past is my past, and my present is as bright as I want it to be. God sees the potential in me, and He will always help me be better. I know that thats true for everyone. Always remember that we are growing pains(:

con amor,

hna macias

¨I saw the angel in the marbel, and carved until I set him free¨ Michael Angelo

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