Sunday, April 20, 2014

week thirty one five baptisms in the zone!!

This week was amazing! Our key indicators are looking awesome. We had 8 lessons with a member present and that was truly exciting! But, there was a slight bummer... I got sick this week. My pension made arroz chufa de mariscos... and sadly I didnt have a finding chance. But, luckily I got over it quickly. I was able to rest tho, and that was really needed and appreciated. So Jesus got baptized and confirmed this week, and it was an awesome baptismal service. We had a combined baptismal service with Yanacancha, Carhuamayo, Cerro de Pasco and us, San Juan. Ultimately, we had 5 baptisms in the zone. It was a huge tender mercy of the Lord. So this week we have 3 baptisms set for this weekend.They have all had their pre interviews, and we have their baptismal service all planned out. We even know who will baptize them, our bishop and our first counselor. I want to share something really special that occured after a pre interview. Piero is 11 years old, and he passed his preinterview, but after he wanted to talk to my companion and I... I was afraid that maybe he had changed his mind. But to my amazement he came to confess a sin he commited when he was simply 3 years old. He accidentally killed a cat. But, I was deeply touched by his faith. He understoof that he could not be baptized if he wasnt worhty, and he did his part to be worthy. If only all of us had the bravery like this young boy to confess our imperfections to the Lord. He understands the principle of being worty I think better than most adults in the church. It is truly a privilege to be teaching this young man, and being present at his baptismal service.

con amor,

hna macias

in about two weeks I will be hitting my 9 month mark... when I got to cerro I had just got out of training.. I had 3 months in the mission. boy time sure does fly.

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