Sunday, April 20, 2014

More Snow week twenty nineth

So last week it snowed like crazy in Cerro, and this week it has been super sunny. The people in my ward tell me that its time for Spring. I guess Spring here is super intense. It gets really hot during the day, and at night it gets to the low 20s. Cerro de Pasco has honestly some of the oddest weather I have ever heard of. I even think that it beats Rexburg, Idaho haha. This week has been really rewarding, and gratifying. I have been able to work really hard, and I am seening even greater efforts  from the members. This week they have given us 15 referrals! Crazy, right? They are really working hard, and they really want new missionaries in our ward. I guess we will see what the Lord has in store for the San Juan Ward. We found two investigators this week that are seriously golden. They have always wanted to come to church, but they just didnt know how to come and if they could come uninvited. When they told me that I just smiled and said you are welcome in all of the churches, just walk in and you´ll see many bright faces to see you. Also, it was one of our recent converts birthday, and we were able to bake her a cake. That was a lot of fun. We were also able to watch the general women´s conference with them at home. (Thank you internet at home) I would like to share something that happened during the conference that was awesome. I know that I told you last week that I have been pretty home sick lately. Well this week wasnt an exception sadly. I just really missed my mom. But, I received an amazing spiritual confirmation that my mom was with me. Even though we are thousands of miles away we were connected in the spirit. The boht of us were watching the same thing, and being inspired by women called of God. I couldnt help but shed tears of joy. I was so happy, and I couldnt stop smiling. I know that this weekend is a special time in the world. It is a time when all of the Saints will be united in spirit. We will be able to sit and listen to the words of the Living Prophets (D&C 68:4). Having this opportunity to listen to the Prophets is an opportunity of a life time. Its like being able to hear God himself and not take up the opportunity. In the beginning of Mosiah 2 we see a perfect example of this. We see that saints from all over the land came and we united to hear King Benjamin. The multitude was so large that the King built towers. He did this so everyone would have the opportunity to hear him. Now in modern times we see that saints from all over the world will be united in spirit to listen to the prophet of God. The Lord is also hastening his work. He is allowing technology to flourish so that everyone can hear the prophet. I know that this is the restored church of Jesus Christ, and I know that every principle of old has been restored. General Conference is one of those things. This is a weekend of pure revelation.

con amor,

hna macias 

D&C 71:1&3 

I know that this time in my life wont last forever, and for that reason I will work until the Lord stops me to bring his children back to him.

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