Sunday, April 20, 2014

General Conference was amazing! I got to hear it in English and that was super awesome. I think that my favorite talks had to do with Obedience. It was nice to see that this eternal principle applies in our normal lives as members, as well as missionaries. I have come to develop a real testimony about obedience. Obedience truly does bring forth so many blessings. I absolutely love the counsil of Heavenly Father. He is so wise in all of the things that He asks of us. Everything is for our good, and He only wants whats best for us. He doesnt want us to hurt, and sometimes our narrow and earthly minds cannot phatom eternities like He can. I have always made it a goal to be obedient with exactitude on my mission, and that goal continues. But, I also have a new goal to be obedient with exactitude once I return home. I will not let my standards waver. I am a representative of Jesus Christ at all times, with or without plack. But there was one talk that absolutely blew my mind! It was the talk about the winter olympics. The speaker said something that was amazing, ¨we are eternal beings, and thus we do not like endings. We like new beginnings´. When he said that I felt my chest literally burning because the Holy Ghost was testifying of his words. What he said was so true. I am afraid of endings. When I mean endings I mean any type of endings. I fear what would happen after highschool, what would happen once I graduate from BYUI, will I get into Law School, etc. But, then I realized that I dont have to worry. All those things are temporary, and I am an eternal being and life goes on. That is a truth that I teach to all of my investigators. I know that these 4 minutes are my time to shine. More importantly I know that these ´30 seconds¨ the Lord is giving me to serve Him is my time to cultivate Christlike attributes. I seriously just love, love conference. I remember when I was really young and conference seemed like torture because it was so long. But, it isnt like that anymore. I truly flies by like a twinkling of an eye. Well this week has been really great. We were able to meet some really cool investigators that seem really interested in the gospel. Hopefully they will progress quickly. They have had a really hard life, but they do not let that interfere with the relationship they have with Jesus Christ, and Heavenly Father. They truly are people to admire in my life. I dont think that I will ever forget them. I have only met them for a week but I have met with them 5 times this week. I sat in their living room and heard their live story, and I cried alongside them. This is why I am here. To find those who burdens are heavy and need someone to make them light. I am here to help them apply the atonement of Jesus Christ better in their lives. Let´s see this week should be really awesome! We have 2 baptisms planned for this week. One of them is super fijo (set), and the other is a possibility. It all depends on if her daughters are in town. But, Jesus is set for this saturday. I have been teaching him for 5 months, ever since I came to Cerro. He grew up in the church, and his whole family are members but he never was interested. He has changed so much, and he definitely isnt the same 20 year old I met 5 months ago. But, if you could pray for Hermilla, and Jesus. I would appreciate it a ton, and I know they would too. They need support from every person that can offer it. Oh but the biggest news is that my Father is taking the missionary lessons again.... but this time my older brother is teaching him! Isnt that crazy? My older brother´s mission is allowing him to teach via skype to people and got permission to teach our Dad. I am so excited. When my brother told me this I had tears running down my eyes. What more of a powerful experience does one need then to have a servant of the Lord testify to you the Christ lives, and for that person to be your very own son. If you could pray and fast alongside my family and I so that my Dad will accept the gospel we would really appreciate it. The goal is that my younger brother will be able to effectuate the ordinance once he returns home from his mission in a few months. Overall, I am doing great, and so is my trainee. I am so grateful that the Lord has sent me to Cerro de Pasco to serve on my mission. But, I am even more grateful that He has given me 4 wonderfully amazing transfers here. I have learned so much and I just love it here. Whoever gets my area after I leave is getting the BEST area in the mission. Not doubt about that.

con amor,
hna macias

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