Sunday, March 16, 2014

week twenty sixth

It feels so nice to be in my area again. I have missed it a ton. This week has been a good week, because my companion and I have been able to reach almost every single one of our goals. Its faith building when that occurs. It helps give me strength to keep pressing forward. Well, we have found 5 new investigators this week, and they have a ton of potential to progress. I am excited to help guide them unto the Savior, and to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord. Also, this may be my last week in Cerro de Pasco. I have been in this area for 3 transfers, and its honestly a bitter sweet feeling to possibly leave. Sweet, because I want to get to know other places, and I want to help others come unto Christ that I havent had the privilege of getting to know. But, bitter because of what I will be leaving behind. I love this area. Most people tread coming here, but this is honestly the best area to be in. I have learned so much from being here. I have learned how to be a real servant of Jesus Christ here; which is so much more than being a missionary. Anyone can be a missionary, but not everyone can become a true servant of Jesus Christ. I have learned how to trust in my Father in Heaven more purely, and I have learned more about my older brother Jesus Christ here. This has been the hardest area I have ever served in, but it has also been the most rewarding. I come home tired knowing that I have done my best for the Lord, and that is an amazing feeling. So the biggest news of the week is that I have finished the Book of Mormon for the first time in Spanish. I am happy to report that the Book of Mormon is also true in Spanish, haha. I seriously never thought that I could love the Book of Mormon more, but I do. I feel like I understand it better in Spanish. Its just an amazing feeling to read the words of the Prophets and to feel this burning sensation in my chest. Those feelings are what strive me to preach the truth unto everyone I see in my area. I love the book of mormon. If you have never read the Book of Mormon, I invite you to do so. It will and it can change your life. You simply just need to have faith in the Lord, and put His word to the test. Ask Him to confirm to you if the book is true or not. There are only two possible answers. I was reading in Mormon Chapter 9 this week and it made me think of a very sweet experience I had in my youth. Ch 9 in Mormon speaks about miracles, and how Heavenly Father is a God of miracles, and will always be. It also tells us what a miracle is. It doesnt have to be huge, and outstanding. It can be simple and pure, and it can still testify of the reality of Jesus Christ, and Heavenly Father. When I was 15 years old I was reading the Book of Mormon for the very first time in my life with the intent to receive an answer. I went on a hike and I decided to sit on a rock over looking the pacific ocean, and looking at the night sky. While sitting there I just had the urge of asking Heavenly Father if He really knew me, and if He loved me. I wanted to know if He was there, and I wanted an answer. I began to sing a child´s prayer, and I received my answer. As I began to observe the night sky, and was looking at all the creations of God around me I got an overwhelming feeling that He loved me. That He created everything in the Sky as well in the Earth, and yet He knew me perfectly and He loved me. I knew it and I could not deny that feeling I received. I know that He lives. I received my answer. To others it might not seem like a miracle, or like an answer, but to me it was. I will never be able to deny my first real testimony.

con amor,

hna macias

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