Sunday, March 16, 2014

week twenty seventh

We had a baptism this week, and it was an awesome experience. His name is Miguel, and he is a wonderful young man. I am happy that the Lord has helped me help him to make this convenant with Heavenly Father. But, the only bad news was that the baptismal water was like freezing because our heater broke have way through. This young man is a champ! He got baptized in cold water! And he was so happy. I honestly felt like I was watching the church movie the Apostacy when Wilford Woodruff got baptized in a frozen river haha. This week has been an awesome week. It has had some trials but we were able to work through it (D&C 3:1&3). So in other news my shoes are like seriously worn down to their soles... and I am happy about that(: I am working these shoes until they can go no longer, and after they can go no longer I will start using my other ones. I will not stop working in this work until Heavenly Father stops me (Isaiah 52:7). I will keeping speaking to every person I come across and I will proclaim the good news that Christ lives, and that we have a Prophet today. So something that I have been thinking about this week is how my older brother and my very best friend in the world hit his one year mark this week. This means a lot to me because that means that in less then a year my family will be united again. I have so much hope and faith for that wonderful day to come. My family has not been together for almost 2 years, and we wont be together until next year. But, I am glad that my family and I can consecrate our time for the Lord. It is a true privilege to be serving alongside my brothers and sharing this message with so many other people. My family is spread through all the extremes of the Americas. We are all sharing the same message. From the oceans in Southern California where my family is from to the oceans of Virginia where Elder A. Macias is serving. From North America, to Central America where Elder O. Macias is at, and lastly to South American where I am joyfully serving. I know that all of this couldnt have been possible if it wasnt for my parents. I am grateful for a righteous mother, and for the example she has given me. She raised a modern day Army of Helaman haha (Alma 56:47-48). I am most very grateful for my non-member father. Thanks to his support I am here. I notice every day what a great blessing he is for me and my brothers everyday I am here on the mission. I have met so many dads who prevent their families from participating actively in the gospel, and yet my dad has never done that. I truly feel the words of Enos when I think of my dad (Enos 1:1).

con amor,

hna macias

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