Sunday, February 2, 2014

week twenty first

Why Hello down there!!

I say this because I am living in the highest city in the world.. I just wanted to remind you all about that (: ha. I am doing fine! I am happy, and tired! But its a good tired because I am working hard to bring people unto our Savior, Jesus Christ. This week has been an awesome week! A big highlight is the fact that the sun is coming out! The sun does come out every once in a while in Pasco ha. My sister missionary tan that I worked so hard to get in Huancayo is not really there anymore, but with high hopes I might be getting back soon (: Well  thats if the sun continues to come out in Pasco... I am looking a little on the pale side ha. But another highlight of the week was the visit of one of my favorite sister missionaries ever: Hna Rhoten! She is one of the new sister training leaders in the mission, and I am not surprised she is truly amazing. Hna Rhoten were both serving in Huancayo together when I had started my mission. Back then she had 4 months and I was as green as the water in Cerro de Pasco haha. She and my second trainer Hna Gale truly helped me progress and be a good missionary. They helped me see the potential that I had, and they helped me with my teaching. Honestly, I am just grateful for them two, because they have helped me a ton. I know that they are amazing sister missionaries. They have truly become some of my best friends here because they have helped me reach my potential as a missionary, and they continue to help me even though we arent in the same zones. I am always learning from them and its a humbling experience. Also another highlight of the week was that we had a baptism last week! It was awesome! Her name is Nicole and I started teaching her with Hna Becerra! When she told us that her father gave her permission I almost had tears running down my cheeks, because before he was so against it. I had been praying alot for Heavenly Father to soften his heart, and I know he has. It was a great service, and a lot of members showed up so that was awesome! We have two baptisms planned for this saturday. I am really excited, because we have worked hard to help them progress, and I am happy to say that they have strong testimonies! They are willing to follow the Savior despite the trials they are currently facing with family members not supporting them. What a tender mercy of the Lord. Honestly, this week is just full of highlights. I have been working closely with the bishop to get a big activity done in the ward to help us get more references, and for people to get more comfortable with the church. We finally were able to have the activity this Saturday, and I am happy to say it was a success! We received 15 referrals from it, and the people really felt the spirit. The name of the activity was Puertas Abiertas, and basically we had tours in the chapel. It was great! We even had someone tell us the wanted to be baptized! Its amazing how the Lord works sometimes. I know that He is blessing the people of the San Juan area through their faithfulness. This area has been one of my hardest areas, but I am grateful for the trials I have received from here because it has helped me become a better missionary, a more christlike missionary, and a missionary who is full of love and compassion. I know that the Lord is refining me into a better Karen Macias that I was before. I am grateful for my mission, because it has helped me be a better person. I know that this is where I need to be. I am just full of love for everyone I meet, and I just want to help them all. There are just so many reasons to be happy right now.

con amor,

hna macias

Alma 34:8-10

you know youre in cerro de pasco when you see the sun and you think its the second coming
you know youre in cerro de pasco when someone gives you water and you think its mate (herbal tea) haha

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