Monday, February 10, 2014

twenty-third week

This week has been pretty grand! Like very grand, times dandy, times peachy (:. Of course it has its ups and downs, but we have got to look at the positive side to everything. I am learning a lot about my Savior, and more importantly I am learning to be more like Him. So big news, our numbers improved this week! Its really exciting to see the fruits of our labor beginning to blossom. The biggest news is that someone accepted a baptismal date, and we are planning on putting a date on Aide and her family. Let´s pray that it goes through. This is a miracle by the way that we have someone with a date, because our area has gotten a lot harder lately. Right now its summer vacation in Peru, and NO ONE wants to stay in Cerro, because its so cold. They could just go to lima, and experience a real summer. My  area is a legit ghost town haha. But, its great to see that the Lord is placing people in my path that I can help. People that need this message, but not only need this message, but someone who is willing to chande their live for Heavenly Father, and His Son. So tender mercy of the Lord: I am in Cerro for a third transfer. I know you know this already, because I mentioned it last week. But, this is the tender mercy: I am able to see my recent converts progress, and its the greatest feeling in the world! I know that I have spoken to you about a young man who is 18 named, Johnathan Zaravia. When I met him he was an atheist, and he did not want anything to do with the Gospel. After teaching him for about 3 weeks he decided to get baptized (1st Transfer), then he received the Priesthood and he began to bless the Sacrament every Sunday (2nd Transfer), and now I was able to witness his first talk during Sacrament meeting (3rd Transfer). I was so happy at church being able to get uplifted by someone I taught. Its great to see the progress that he is making in his life. He is also preparing himself to serve a fuilltime mission. I had the privilege of giving him a preach my gospel. I honestly dont feel like there are enough words to describe my happiness (Alma 26:16). Now, on an another note. I want to share with you all something very awesome, and spectacular. I am not sure if many of you know this, but I have some of the best examples to look up to. I am serving side my side with many of my best friends, and they are inspirations to me. They help me press forward, and be a great sister missionary. Some of the people are Aldo my older brother (serving as AP), Omar my younegr brother (serving as ZL), Mariah (serving as a trainer), and Kailey who is now serving as a sister training leader!!! (1 Tim 4:13-16). Seriously, I have the very best friends in the world. Not only is our friendships based on fun, and adventures, but it is also founded on the only true church of Jesus Christ. Its a humbling experience that my best friend, who has been out the exact same time as me, is a sister training leader. I know that the New Zealand Hamilton Mission has chosen an excellent leader. I admire Kailey alot, and I always have since we met. She has such a strong testimony, and she has sincere desires to serve the Lord. Thanks to her I am serving my mission. She was able to tell me that I had received my answer, and that I should go through with it. She was able to help me keep going with my papers when my family was so far away from me, because I was at BYUI. She has become to me like the sister I have never had. But, more importantly she is now able and capable to better serve people. She will be blessed by the service she gives to the sisters in her mission. Kailey along with my other best friends are great examples to look up to. Thank you for being faithful, and true to the Lord. Not only to him but to your fellow missionaries, and to the people you are serving in your individual missions. God is Good. I love you all, and keep pressing forward!

con amor,

hna macias

hna banta shared a fruit rollup with me! It had a tattoo

and we went to huallayay!

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