Monday, February 10, 2014

twenty-second week

I am going to be in Cerro de Pasco for a 3rd transfer! Most missionaries would be bummed about staying, but I am happy. I know that there is a reason why the Lord wants me here for a 3rd transfer. Obviously my work is not done here. I am going to do my best here in Cerro and work hard for the Lord. There are no slackers allowed in my area ;D. Also, I am training again! I am so excited! She is a latina, and she is from Bolivia. Her name is Hna Orellana and I am so excited to train her. It is truly a privilege to train for the 3rd time, because I want to help other missionaries reach their potential. I want to the show the Lord that He can trust me, and that I will take care of His fellow servants. I am just so happy to be in the service of another. It really just brings joy to my heart. I imagine thats how the mission leaders feel. They get to help so many people and missionaries that I bet they are filled with so much christlike love. Now, this week has been a good week. Sadly we couldnt work until thursday because the altitude hit my companion a little, and I didnt want to work her harder then her body would allow it. Like I said this is probably the hardest zone in my mission. It is hard on the mind, the body, and sometimes the spirit. But, this area is blossoming so much! We are finding, teaching, and baptizing like never before. Everyone who serves here has such great love for the Lord, and for the people of Cerro de Pasco... Honestly, what an honor it is to be here for as long as I have. So I want to share something with you that one of my investigator´s said. She said that she didnt deserve to be happy, and that Jesus deserved someone better than her. This seriously brought tears to my eyes just listening to her, because she truly felt this way. It made me sad to think that there are people in the world like her who think that they need to suffer when in reality Christ came for people just like her. People that are so heavy laidened with sadness, grief, and despair. He came to heal the sick, and the tired, not the perfect. It made me sad to hear that she knew that she should get baptized but she doesnt feel worthy to partake of baptism... truly the saddest thing I have seen and heard on my mission. I have gotten to the point in my personal conversion that I truly do feel Godly sorrow for my investiagotors when they do not partake of this gospel. When they reject the Living Savior, because they feel like they are not good enough. When I know that He can save anybody, He is the medicine to every and any problem we have here on earth. I know that from personal experience, because he healed my family. Thanks to Him my family is still together. Thanks to Him the pain and suffering from the past is no longer felt in my family. He has given me new hope that one day I WILL be sealed to my family, when before I had lost all hope of that ever happéning. I know that the Savior not only cares about us, but that He wants to help us. No one can go so far off that He wont accept them once more. I know understand what the Sons of Mosiah felt when in the BOM they say that cant fathom a soul perishing without the Gospel (Mosiah 28:3). I also know that our investigators are of so much worth. They are not lifeless objects disguised as a baptimisal statistic. They are our brothers and sisters, and they need this gospel Oh do they need this. We need to work tirelessly to bring them unto the Savior. If we do not try we will never know how many people we could have brought unto Him if we would have been brave enough to share this message (Alma 37:10). I know that if we truly listen with love to the things that our friends, and family say it will tie into the gospel in some way. There will always be something that they will say that is a gospel principle or doctrine, and I know that the Lord will help you. He will place the words in your mouth that you should say towards them. I am a witness to that promise as I am learning to speak another language (DC 100:5-6). This is a message full of love, and it can help us just as much as those who we share it with.
shall we not continue in such a great cause?
also I have been on my mission for 6 months! crazy how fast it goes!
con amor,

hna macias

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