Thursday, February 27, 2014

twenty fifth week

Well Hello!

Lets see, this week I spent it outside of my area. I spent the whole week in Huanuco, because my companion needed to go to Lima to work on her immigration status. I was able to work really hard in Huanuco, and will there I was able to find some investigators who will be moving to San Juan in like a couple of weeks. So I am pretty excited to see where they will go. One of them accepted baptism during the first lesson, and I am excited for her. She is very excited about the gospel, and knows a lot. She´ll progress very fastly and I am excited to guide her unto Christ. But the biggest news though is that while in Huanuco I picked up a pretty sweet tan. I am no longer pale and pasty haha. But, while in Huanuco I got to study a lot about the atonement of Jesus Christ. I have been able to learn that even we as missionaries need to apply it just as much, if not more than our investigators. I was able to watch the difference the atonement made in the mission and on the missionaries serving alongside me when it is used and applied properly in our lives. I love the atonement and I love the security we can find in it. I also know that the atonement is there to use it. I invite each and everyone of you to come unto Jesus Christ, and to use the atonement more fully in your lives. It will and it can make the difference, By doing so you will be able to find more meaning in your life, and more purpose.

con amor,

hna macias

helaman 5:6

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