Thursday, February 27, 2014

twenty fifth week

Well Hello!

Lets see, this week I spent it outside of my area. I spent the whole week in Huanuco, because my companion needed to go to Lima to work on her immigration status. I was able to work really hard in Huanuco, and will there I was able to find some investigators who will be moving to San Juan in like a couple of weeks. So I am pretty excited to see where they will go. One of them accepted baptism during the first lesson, and I am excited for her. She is very excited about the gospel, and knows a lot. She´ll progress very fastly and I am excited to guide her unto Christ. But the biggest news though is that while in Huanuco I picked up a pretty sweet tan. I am no longer pale and pasty haha. But, while in Huanuco I got to study a lot about the atonement of Jesus Christ. I have been able to learn that even we as missionaries need to apply it just as much, if not more than our investigators. I was able to watch the difference the atonement made in the mission and on the missionaries serving alongside me when it is used and applied properly in our lives. I love the atonement and I love the security we can find in it. I also know that the atonement is there to use it. I invite each and everyone of you to come unto Jesus Christ, and to use the atonement more fully in your lives. It will and it can make the difference, By doing so you will be able to find more meaning in your life, and more purpose.

con amor,

hna macias

helaman 5:6

Well Hello!

Its been a long time I know since you have heard from me... ha. Anyway I am doing fine. This week has been a very rewarding week! I have been able to work diligently, and we have been able to help the members a lot. They have had a lot of activities, and they asked us to support them and we have. Luckily, these activities have been great for us as well, because Investigators have come. But, the most exciting part of this week is that we found a WHOLE FAMILY, and get this they want to be BAPTIZED... Like crazy news right?! Within 5 minutes of meeting we had asked them what they expected from us teaching them, and taking the lessons. Then they responded, ´¨I expect to be baptized in to the true church of Jesus Christ.¨¨ I couldnt believe it! And there is even better news! We found an investigator last minute on Sunday, and she is so interested in the church. Like when she saw us walking by she like flagged us down, and talked to us about how shes been looking for us. She wants to be baptized! I dont think I can express the joy my heart feels at the moment. These people have a sincere desire to follow Jesus Christ, and I can help them do that. There are just not enough words to describe the joy that comes from helping another come unto Christ. It is the greatest thing possible. Now, I want to share with you something that I had read in my personal study. Well, I am almost done with the BOM in Spanish for the first time, and I love it! I have like 50 pages left. But, anyway while reading through 3rd Nephi something caught my attention. When Jesus Christ comes to visit the Nephites He tells them to feel the wounds on his Hands, Feet and His side. I wondered, why does Christ have the wounds when He is a resurrected being? I remembered the promise that we receive in 2 Nephi that not a single hair will be missing on our head. As I was pondering this I began to read and search for an answer. Then I remembered a scripture in 1 Nephi 21:14-16. I finally realized that the reason why Christ still has the scars of His atonement is so that He can never forget what He has done for us. I am pretty sure that whenever He sees his wounds he is reminded of the love he has towards us, and it helps him become more merciful. But, I also realized that this works for us as well. Thanks to Him, and that single act of Kindness we can be with our families forever. We have been redeemed, and our future has so much more meaning now. I am trying to be more like Jesus Christ, and I want to live with him once more. Thank you for all of your help. Thank you for your support. You are truly amazing and an inspiration for me.

con amor,

Hna Macias

3 Nephi 21:10

 14 But, behold, Zion hath said: The Lord hath forsaken me, andmy Lord hath forgotten me—but he will show that he hath not.
 15 For can awoman forget her sucking child, that she should nothave bcompassion on the son of her womb? Yea, they may cforget,yet will not forget thee, house of Israel.
 16 Behold, have graven thee upon the apalms of my hands; thywalls are continually before me.

Monday, February 10, 2014

twenty-third week

This week has been pretty grand! Like very grand, times dandy, times peachy (:. Of course it has its ups and downs, but we have got to look at the positive side to everything. I am learning a lot about my Savior, and more importantly I am learning to be more like Him. So big news, our numbers improved this week! Its really exciting to see the fruits of our labor beginning to blossom. The biggest news is that someone accepted a baptismal date, and we are planning on putting a date on Aide and her family. Let´s pray that it goes through. This is a miracle by the way that we have someone with a date, because our area has gotten a lot harder lately. Right now its summer vacation in Peru, and NO ONE wants to stay in Cerro, because its so cold. They could just go to lima, and experience a real summer. My  area is a legit ghost town haha. But, its great to see that the Lord is placing people in my path that I can help. People that need this message, but not only need this message, but someone who is willing to chande their live for Heavenly Father, and His Son. So tender mercy of the Lord: I am in Cerro for a third transfer. I know you know this already, because I mentioned it last week. But, this is the tender mercy: I am able to see my recent converts progress, and its the greatest feeling in the world! I know that I have spoken to you about a young man who is 18 named, Johnathan Zaravia. When I met him he was an atheist, and he did not want anything to do with the Gospel. After teaching him for about 3 weeks he decided to get baptized (1st Transfer), then he received the Priesthood and he began to bless the Sacrament every Sunday (2nd Transfer), and now I was able to witness his first talk during Sacrament meeting (3rd Transfer). I was so happy at church being able to get uplifted by someone I taught. Its great to see the progress that he is making in his life. He is also preparing himself to serve a fuilltime mission. I had the privilege of giving him a preach my gospel. I honestly dont feel like there are enough words to describe my happiness (Alma 26:16). Now, on an another note. I want to share with you all something very awesome, and spectacular. I am not sure if many of you know this, but I have some of the best examples to look up to. I am serving side my side with many of my best friends, and they are inspirations to me. They help me press forward, and be a great sister missionary. Some of the people are Aldo my older brother (serving as AP), Omar my younegr brother (serving as ZL), Mariah (serving as a trainer), and Kailey who is now serving as a sister training leader!!! (1 Tim 4:13-16). Seriously, I have the very best friends in the world. Not only is our friendships based on fun, and adventures, but it is also founded on the only true church of Jesus Christ. Its a humbling experience that my best friend, who has been out the exact same time as me, is a sister training leader. I know that the New Zealand Hamilton Mission has chosen an excellent leader. I admire Kailey alot, and I always have since we met. She has such a strong testimony, and she has sincere desires to serve the Lord. Thanks to her I am serving my mission. She was able to tell me that I had received my answer, and that I should go through with it. She was able to help me keep going with my papers when my family was so far away from me, because I was at BYUI. She has become to me like the sister I have never had. But, more importantly she is now able and capable to better serve people. She will be blessed by the service she gives to the sisters in her mission. Kailey along with my other best friends are great examples to look up to. Thank you for being faithful, and true to the Lord. Not only to him but to your fellow missionaries, and to the people you are serving in your individual missions. God is Good. I love you all, and keep pressing forward!

con amor,

hna macias

hna banta shared a fruit rollup with me! It had a tattoo

and we went to huallayay!

twenty-second week

I am going to be in Cerro de Pasco for a 3rd transfer! Most missionaries would be bummed about staying, but I am happy. I know that there is a reason why the Lord wants me here for a 3rd transfer. Obviously my work is not done here. I am going to do my best here in Cerro and work hard for the Lord. There are no slackers allowed in my area ;D. Also, I am training again! I am so excited! She is a latina, and she is from Bolivia. Her name is Hna Orellana and I am so excited to train her. It is truly a privilege to train for the 3rd time, because I want to help other missionaries reach their potential. I want to the show the Lord that He can trust me, and that I will take care of His fellow servants. I am just so happy to be in the service of another. It really just brings joy to my heart. I imagine thats how the mission leaders feel. They get to help so many people and missionaries that I bet they are filled with so much christlike love. Now, this week has been a good week. Sadly we couldnt work until thursday because the altitude hit my companion a little, and I didnt want to work her harder then her body would allow it. Like I said this is probably the hardest zone in my mission. It is hard on the mind, the body, and sometimes the spirit. But, this area is blossoming so much! We are finding, teaching, and baptizing like never before. Everyone who serves here has such great love for the Lord, and for the people of Cerro de Pasco... Honestly, what an honor it is to be here for as long as I have. So I want to share something with you that one of my investigator´s said. She said that she didnt deserve to be happy, and that Jesus deserved someone better than her. This seriously brought tears to my eyes just listening to her, because she truly felt this way. It made me sad to think that there are people in the world like her who think that they need to suffer when in reality Christ came for people just like her. People that are so heavy laidened with sadness, grief, and despair. He came to heal the sick, and the tired, not the perfect. It made me sad to hear that she knew that she should get baptized but she doesnt feel worthy to partake of baptism... truly the saddest thing I have seen and heard on my mission. I have gotten to the point in my personal conversion that I truly do feel Godly sorrow for my investiagotors when they do not partake of this gospel. When they reject the Living Savior, because they feel like they are not good enough. When I know that He can save anybody, He is the medicine to every and any problem we have here on earth. I know that from personal experience, because he healed my family. Thanks to Him my family is still together. Thanks to Him the pain and suffering from the past is no longer felt in my family. He has given me new hope that one day I WILL be sealed to my family, when before I had lost all hope of that ever happéning. I know that the Savior not only cares about us, but that He wants to help us. No one can go so far off that He wont accept them once more. I know understand what the Sons of Mosiah felt when in the BOM they say that cant fathom a soul perishing without the Gospel (Mosiah 28:3). I also know that our investigators are of so much worth. They are not lifeless objects disguised as a baptimisal statistic. They are our brothers and sisters, and they need this gospel Oh do they need this. We need to work tirelessly to bring them unto the Savior. If we do not try we will never know how many people we could have brought unto Him if we would have been brave enough to share this message (Alma 37:10). I know that if we truly listen with love to the things that our friends, and family say it will tie into the gospel in some way. There will always be something that they will say that is a gospel principle or doctrine, and I know that the Lord will help you. He will place the words in your mouth that you should say towards them. I am a witness to that promise as I am learning to speak another language (DC 100:5-6). This is a message full of love, and it can help us just as much as those who we share it with.
shall we not continue in such a great cause?
also I have been on my mission for 6 months! crazy how fast it goes!
con amor,

hna macias

Sunday, February 2, 2014

week twenty first

Why Hello down there!!

I say this because I am living in the highest city in the world.. I just wanted to remind you all about that (: ha. I am doing fine! I am happy, and tired! But its a good tired because I am working hard to bring people unto our Savior, Jesus Christ. This week has been an awesome week! A big highlight is the fact that the sun is coming out! The sun does come out every once in a while in Pasco ha. My sister missionary tan that I worked so hard to get in Huancayo is not really there anymore, but with high hopes I might be getting back soon (: Well  thats if the sun continues to come out in Pasco... I am looking a little on the pale side ha. But another highlight of the week was the visit of one of my favorite sister missionaries ever: Hna Rhoten! She is one of the new sister training leaders in the mission, and I am not surprised she is truly amazing. Hna Rhoten were both serving in Huancayo together when I had started my mission. Back then she had 4 months and I was as green as the water in Cerro de Pasco haha. She and my second trainer Hna Gale truly helped me progress and be a good missionary. They helped me see the potential that I had, and they helped me with my teaching. Honestly, I am just grateful for them two, because they have helped me a ton. I know that they are amazing sister missionaries. They have truly become some of my best friends here because they have helped me reach my potential as a missionary, and they continue to help me even though we arent in the same zones. I am always learning from them and its a humbling experience. Also another highlight of the week was that we had a baptism last week! It was awesome! Her name is Nicole and I started teaching her with Hna Becerra! When she told us that her father gave her permission I almost had tears running down my cheeks, because before he was so against it. I had been praying alot for Heavenly Father to soften his heart, and I know he has. It was a great service, and a lot of members showed up so that was awesome! We have two baptisms planned for this saturday. I am really excited, because we have worked hard to help them progress, and I am happy to say that they have strong testimonies! They are willing to follow the Savior despite the trials they are currently facing with family members not supporting them. What a tender mercy of the Lord. Honestly, this week is just full of highlights. I have been working closely with the bishop to get a big activity done in the ward to help us get more references, and for people to get more comfortable with the church. We finally were able to have the activity this Saturday, and I am happy to say it was a success! We received 15 referrals from it, and the people really felt the spirit. The name of the activity was Puertas Abiertas, and basically we had tours in the chapel. It was great! We even had someone tell us the wanted to be baptized! Its amazing how the Lord works sometimes. I know that He is blessing the people of the San Juan area through their faithfulness. This area has been one of my hardest areas, but I am grateful for the trials I have received from here because it has helped me become a better missionary, a more christlike missionary, and a missionary who is full of love and compassion. I know that the Lord is refining me into a better Karen Macias that I was before. I am grateful for my mission, because it has helped me be a better person. I know that this is where I need to be. I am just full of love for everyone I meet, and I just want to help them all. There are just so many reasons to be happy right now.

con amor,

hna macias

Alma 34:8-10

you know youre in cerro de pasco when you see the sun and you think its the second coming
you know youre in cerro de pasco when someone gives you water and you think its mate (herbal tea) haha

twentieth week

Jan 27 at 8:42 AM

We had two baptisms this week! They both went super well! Hno Jaime was baptized by the Bishop, and Hna Minerva by our First Counselor. It was a happy moment I had this week. This week has been a very trying week. All of our investigators are in vacaciones in Lima, and they wont be back until like the end of March. We hardly taught this week, and it made me really sad. Just  lot of things happened that bummed me out. I also found out that I will be in Cerro de Pasco for a third transfer, and I am happy about that. But, I will most likely get another companion, because she is suffering alot here. She is just not made for the cold weather, which is understandable. Cerro de Pasco is easily the hardest area in the whole mission. But, something that does give me strength to press forward despite everything looking dim is the fact that I am here to bring others unto Christ. If it wasnt easy for Him, then of course it would not be easy for me. I am learning a lot about how Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ feel about me, and it is truly an honor to be walking this path alongside them. Coming to know them as the men they are has been a humbling experience, because I can tell that they are people just like me. They have gone through the ups and downs of life and yet stayed faithful to the end. I hope to develope that kind of faith. I truly just want help others to reach their potential, and to know that they have a kind and loving Father in Heaven who loves them so much. But dont worry a new week, new numbers, a fresh start! Thats what the gospel is all about. Sometimes life can be a tad disappointing, but there is always a reason to smile and start over.
  p.s I have a cellphone now! I am the only sistermissionary with a cellphone who isnt a sister training leader. I was pretty excited to get it! At first I thougt it was a joke, but no I really have one haha

I love you all,

hna macias

some pictures of my baptisms... and also we posed with moroni

do you even lift, bro?!