Sunday, January 5, 2014

sixteenth week Ummmm Pizza cooked by our pencionista!!

Ummm Pizza!!!

so this week hasnt been too crazy, but I will explain in a few why. This monday I am pretty excited, because we are eating pizza!!!The pensionista in Yanacancha traveled all the way to lima to buy the pizza dough. Talk about someone who is dedicated to their calling! I admire that about the people in Peru that they try their best to serve the church, especially the missionaries. They love us, because most of them are converts or their parents. Also, later on today we are going to have the zone christmas dinner, and I cannot wait! My pensionista is going to be cooking for the zone, and we are pancha manca. Which is delicious! Its yams, potatoes, and alpaca meat cooked in the dirt for 2 days. Its probably my favorite peruvian dish! Ok, now back to last week. Last monday was my last day with Hna Becerra, because my mission president has asked me to train another sister missionary. To be honest, I was sad that he called. I got along really well with Hna Becerra, and it is always hard leaving a companion when you get along so well. And after all we were only together for one transfer, and in my opinion thats not long enough. But, hopefully her and I can be in the same zone in the future. Shes a great missionary and I feel so honored to had the opportunity to train her. Well the name of my new companion is Hna Sutton. She is from Arizona, and she is really nice. She used to go to BYUI. So thats super awesome. Her Spanish isnt great, but its not bad. She can form sentences, and she can testify which is better than most new sisters. I am pretty sure we can have alot of success with one another. We just have to make sure to practice the mission language a lot so she can progress. Training lasted from tuesday to thursday. Which is actually pretty long, and it was weird being away from my area again for so long. But, it was so nice to see so many of my friends at the training. All of the sisters I first served with in my first transfer were there. Hna Gale (my fav comp), Hna Rhoten, and Hna Procell. It was nice to spend time with them, because I havent seen them very much outside of my first transfer. After the training ended we traveled back to pasco which is like a 7 hour drive, and then 2 hours later we had to travel to Huanuco again. We had to go for our mission christmas devotional, and huanuco is like 4 hours away. I didnt get back to my area until Saturday night, and we havent had the opportunity to really teach because the altitude change is starting to effect my companion. Hopefully, the altitude doesnt negatively effect her. I am worried that they might switch her to a new area. We will see.  Christmas is coming up and it doesnt feel like it yet. I still havent received my christmas package but, I am pretty sure I´ll be getting it soon! But, I am so excited to see my mom and dad, my two brothers on their missions, and paige for christmas. Total highlights of this week for sure! Well, know that I love you all and that I miss you dearly. I pray for all of you.

con amor,

hna macias

those are my bug bites from Huanuco...I only had short on for like 2 hours and a ton bit me...

Hna Fernandez and a couple half mexicans. She loves us bc our parents are latinos aha

This is my first trainee Hna Becerra and her trainee. I have a granddaighter already!! 

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