Sunday, January 19, 2014

nineteenth week


Well this week has been awesome! Me and my new companion are working really hard! This week we taught a lot of members, and investigators, and it was a very fulfilling week. There is nothing better than coming home every night tired knowing that I did my very best work for the Lord, and the people of San Juan. I am learning so much right now. I am learning alot about the potential we have as individuals, and as children of Heavenly Father. He loves us so much, and even though we are disobedient at times. He is so patient with me and tries to help me progress all the time. Pondering that makes me wonder why then I am not patient with myself. I learned this because we had 2 baptisms `planned for this week and they both fell through. The sister didnt show up to her interview, and then the brother had to change his date. His family is sick, and not in town. After speaking with him we decided that he shouldnt get baptized until his family returns to be with him, which will be next week (: But I did learn something about them both. Never give up. I learned to never give up on them, because they have sincere desires to follow the Savior. The Savior and Heavenly Father have neve given up on me, then why would I give up on my invetigators. I have come to love them so much, and I have grown to have charity towards them all. I feel like the reason I have learned this because I am noticing how much they are helping me to reach my full potential as a missionary, and servant of the Lord. I´m guessing thats how Heavenly Father feels about his children. He never gives up on us because he knows what we can become when we begin to have faith in him. Now potential is having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future. Thats what I am learning to do right now. I am trying to gain the capacity to become a better disciple of Jesus Christ. I am trying to develop true christlike attributes, and trying to have the actions of my Savior become my actions. I am trying to reach the potential that Heavenly Father knows I can reach. As I strive to reach for that potential I have noticed that I have a stronger desire to serve everyone around me. I want to help people come unto Christ, but I also want to help my fellow servants of the Lord reach their potential as well. I want them to become the best missionaries they can possible by supporting them in their needs, and helping them in everyway. I see my companion and I see the efforts shes making to teach great lessons, and it makes me love her more. I also see the effort my zone is making to love the people we are serving, and I want to help them love them even greater. Honestly, I am just filled with the love of our Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ.

Alma 13:3-4

con amor,

hna macias

llama, llama, llama,llama haha

Why Hello!!

Okay, things are going great in Peru! I had a really good new years. It wasnt anything crazy, but it was nice to be able to look back and reflect on 2013. I know that a lot of crucial things occured in 2013 that led up to me serving a mission. I have always wanted to serve a mission, but I was always scared to do it. I didnt want to serve because people expected me to serve, and not only that but I didnt want people pressuring me to go. I was having a really hard time deciding what to do. I had to so many options in front of me and I had to choose one. I was planning on moving to Provo because I had gotten accepted to BYU, and the BYU Law School wanted to work closely with me so that I could go there for law school. I was also dating someone at the time... I had losts of reasons to say no to the option of serving a mission. But I know that if it wasnt for the great family members I have, and my supportive group of friends I wouldnt be here. They helped me realize that I had received an answer from Heavenly Father. I am grateful for so many things. Thanks to this single decision I am now happier than I ever have been in my life. I am learning to be more like my Savior, and more importantly I am learning how to better serve the people who surround me. I always knew that the mission had the potential to change your life, but I didnt think it would have this much of an impact on mine. I have met so many great people in the short space of 5 months. I dont want to take forgranted the time I have in Peru. I want to work hard everyday. I know that this time of my life is sacred, and that it wont last forever. I want to cherish it as much as I can. I overall just want to be a better missionary. I dont want to stay the same through out my mission. There are always things that I can improve on, and there are always different ways that I can better serve the people of Peru. I am truly learning that it is never a mistake to love people. I have noticed that the more that I love the people here the better I serve them. I really dont think that I can describe what I am feeling right now. Just know that I am so happy. I am tired, but happy. There is no other place Id rather be than right here serving an honorable, faithful, and obedient mission for the Lord. I hope that we can all reflect on our past year, and try to find ways to improve. I also know that as we try to look for the hand of the Lord in everything we do our perspective on everything will change. I know that Heavenly Father lives, and that Jesus Christ lives because thanks to them everything around me testifies of their love for me. I know they are real because I feel their presence in my life hourly, and daily.

con amor,

hna macias

Monday, January 6, 2014

seventeenth week Navidad en Peru

Fam Bam, and Friends,
So the pizza from last week was awesome! They made it in an oven, so it was great appreciated! I havent had good pizza since I left, because all the pizza here is from the microwave haha. Anyway, christmas eve was fun. We spend the night with our pensionista and her family. Which, was really nice because it made us kind of feel like we were in family. We played monopoly for a really long time, and then we are paneton... which is fruitcake. I am not a fan of it, but Peruvians love it! So when in Peru, right? We also got permission to have the sisters over from an another area to spend christmas with us so that was fun! Also, the fireworks were really awesome! We could see them from our window, and they were beautiful! Its a different the Christmas here but you can still feel the spirit of Christ in many people homes. I just love this time of year. I look forward to spending it with all of you soon, but not too soon. But the biggest highlight of this week was being able to skype my family. I have really missed you all. It was incredible to see how far our family has gone since my brothers, and I decided to serve the Lord. I know now more than ever that I love my family. I never want to be away from them, and now my goal is to hopefully be sealed to them for time and all eternity. I know that everything is possible when we place our faith in the Lord, and His plan of Happiness for us. I know with all my heart that my Father will one day be baptized, and that my family will be sealed to one another in the Los Angeles temple. I try my best to live worthy of that dream I have, It was also nice to see my brothers! I think that I have missed them both the most. Its great to see the men of God they are becoming. They are such great examples to me. Knowing that Elder Macias in Nicaragua is serving as a Zone Leader is inspiring to see the love he has to share with people. It is also inspiring to see Elder Macias in Washington DC being called as Spanish AP after only being on the mission for 9 months. My brothers show me how to better serve my fellow man, they also show me how to be a better servant of the Lord. I hope to one day be like them. I am so proud to be a Macias.. I know that the Lord is helping us as we are trying to help bring His spirit children back to His presence. I know that this missionary work we are partaking of is a familuy affair. My family is spreading the gospel all over this part of the world, in north, central and south america.
I know this land is prepared to hear the gospel. I know that this gospel is real, and thats why I feel so much joy. My area is progressing, but we still are facing a lot of trials. But, I have come to realize alot this week that it is a privilege for me to be facing them. I have noticed that it is making me a better person, and it is showing me how to love péople better. It is also giving me a deeper appreciation for the love that our Savior must have for us. He spent His whole life serving others, and He constantly had trials. Not only did He have trials, but He endured them with faith never forgetting His purpose on earth. I like Him must remember why I am here. I am not here to breeze through missionary work. I am here to bear His burdens so that His great sacrifice never goes in vain. I am here to learn to be more like Him. I hope one day that I can be like Him.

con amor,

hna macias
thats my companions oxygen tank! its not mine haha I never used it but I really wanted a picture with it


Sunday, January 5, 2014

sixteenth week Ummmm Pizza cooked by our pencionista!!

Ummm Pizza!!!

so this week hasnt been too crazy, but I will explain in a few why. This monday I am pretty excited, because we are eating pizza!!!The pensionista in Yanacancha traveled all the way to lima to buy the pizza dough. Talk about someone who is dedicated to their calling! I admire that about the people in Peru that they try their best to serve the church, especially the missionaries. They love us, because most of them are converts or their parents. Also, later on today we are going to have the zone christmas dinner, and I cannot wait! My pensionista is going to be cooking for the zone, and we are pancha manca. Which is delicious! Its yams, potatoes, and alpaca meat cooked in the dirt for 2 days. Its probably my favorite peruvian dish! Ok, now back to last week. Last monday was my last day with Hna Becerra, because my mission president has asked me to train another sister missionary. To be honest, I was sad that he called. I got along really well with Hna Becerra, and it is always hard leaving a companion when you get along so well. And after all we were only together for one transfer, and in my opinion thats not long enough. But, hopefully her and I can be in the same zone in the future. Shes a great missionary and I feel so honored to had the opportunity to train her. Well the name of my new companion is Hna Sutton. She is from Arizona, and she is really nice. She used to go to BYUI. So thats super awesome. Her Spanish isnt great, but its not bad. She can form sentences, and she can testify which is better than most new sisters. I am pretty sure we can have alot of success with one another. We just have to make sure to practice the mission language a lot so she can progress. Training lasted from tuesday to thursday. Which is actually pretty long, and it was weird being away from my area again for so long. But, it was so nice to see so many of my friends at the training. All of the sisters I first served with in my first transfer were there. Hna Gale (my fav comp), Hna Rhoten, and Hna Procell. It was nice to spend time with them, because I havent seen them very much outside of my first transfer. After the training ended we traveled back to pasco which is like a 7 hour drive, and then 2 hours later we had to travel to Huanuco again. We had to go for our mission christmas devotional, and huanuco is like 4 hours away. I didnt get back to my area until Saturday night, and we havent had the opportunity to really teach because the altitude change is starting to effect my companion. Hopefully, the altitude doesnt negatively effect her. I am worried that they might switch her to a new area. We will see.  Christmas is coming up and it doesnt feel like it yet. I still havent received my christmas package but, I am pretty sure I´ll be getting it soon! But, I am so excited to see my mom and dad, my two brothers on their missions, and paige for christmas. Total highlights of this week for sure! Well, know that I love you all and that I miss you dearly. I pray for all of you.

con amor,

hna macias

those are my bug bites from Huanuco...I only had short on for like 2 hours and a ton bit me...

Hna Fernandez and a couple half mexicans. She loves us bc our parents are latinos aha

This is my first trainee Hna Becerra and her trainee. I have a granddaighter already!! 

fifteenth week Whats a blessing! This song I have listened to since I was 16 years old and it describes perfectly what I am feeling in my heart.

Family and friends,

How are you doing? I hope things are doing well in USA! So first I want to apologize for my english.. I am forgetting how to speak and write in english, and these foreign keyboards sure dont help out. Anway, lets see this week has been a whirlwind! It was my companion´s birthday this Tuesday. She turned 20 years old!! Some members in the ward through her a little birthday party because she was feeling super homesick. But the good news for her though was that I didnt get sick until after her birthday! Seriously, I know that it doesnt sound too much like a blessing but it is. My companion was so sad, and the only thing that got her happy ws the love the members should for her. I got sick with a sever stomach infection the day after! So I am happy that the timing was just right. I was in bed for 2 days. I was not allowed to go out and teach. And let me tell you... that pretty much killed me! But, yet again I know that I am of no use in this work when I can barely speak without throwing up. But I recovered fast, so no worries momma! We also had a baptism lined up for this week, but it fell through. Its alright though because I know that I have done everything possible for her to be baptized. Its all in the Lords hand now. Also, today there are transfers!!!! The president will be calling today to inform the missionaries of their new assignment of training a missionary. Then tomorrow we will be told if we get our areas switched. Its a crazy time in the Peru Huancayo Mission! But, its a fun time as well. Well, something that I want to talk to you about it about the goodness of our Heavenly Father. Lately, I have been thinking alot about the mercy He has showed my family over the years. He has allowed my parents to leave Mexico in the search for a better future, and they have found it. My parents are the definition of the american dream. He has allowed us to know the gospel, and most importantly he has given me an earthly father who has supported my mother, my brothers and myself in being active in the church despite not being a member. What a miracle. He has given me everything. It is now the time in my life that I can give my God, and my Savior everything. I feel so endebted to them both. I know that there is no way that I can repay them for so much love showed to me. I know that the only thing I can do is show the people of Peru the goodness of Heavenly Father and the blessings he has given my family. I am so happy. I am so grateful. I am humbled to know that I am a member of His church, and one of His servants. Whats a blessing! This song I have listened to since I was 16 years old and it describes perfectly what I am feeling in my heart.

I've never been the kind to testify
I don't have the words his truth deserves
But it's a simple thing he asks
A worthy heart and willing hands
He says if I'll make the choice
He'll help me find my voice

He calls me to serve and i cannot fail him
The one who has given me all that I have
I place my trust in him alone
He knows the yearnings of my soul
Because he believes in me
I will go willingly

How can I keep this gift to my self
When i can lift somebody else
I am(ill be) a witness of his miracles and his mercy
I put my future in his hands
Knowing he's made me all I am
(When) I put my faith in him the(and) truth begins to
His power is real it moves me until i will not be

Lifting the hands that hang down in sorrow
Strengthening knees that bend in despair
Reaching the hopeless hearts who do not know his love
Seeing their lives begin to change
I know ill never be the same

His power is real
I trust in his will
I will not be still

I will not be still by Kenneth Cope