Monday, December 9, 2013

week tenth

Cold cold cold cold cold cold. It is seriously so flipping cold here!!! Its not as bad as rexburg, idaho or even utah, but the people here are so poor that they dont have heating! you can never escape from the cold. Its probably like 30 degrees in the day and maybe 15 at night. I am surprised that I havent gotten sick yet but I am so happy to be here. This area in Lima East was a punishment for disobedient missionaries. All of the missionaries that got sent here were sent because of their disobedience, because the conditions are so hard. But, with the new mission and new mission president he has changed that stigma of cerro de pasco. He says that the members deserve to have all good missionaries and not disobedient ones. He sent me this email this week:
Sister Macías: Thanks for your letter, and your sweet attitude. Or is that altitude? Anyway, thanks for being one of the Chosen Frozen. Like I have said multiple times, I send no one to Cerro that I don't trust. The wards there deserve good missionaries, the conditions are a challenge, and if you get sent to Cerro (and you did) that means I think highly of you. Good luck!

its nice to know that my mission president has so much confidence in me even though I have only been out on my mission for 4 months. Anway, my companion is awesome! Her name is Hna Becerra, and she is from Peru. She is such a great missionary. I really do not feel like I am training her at all. She has such a strong testimony of the gospel that I am truly honored to be her companion. Her and I are constantly laughing and teaching. We are having a lot of success and having fun while spreading the gospel. The way a mission should be! Thanks to hermana Becerra I am trying even harder to be a good senior companion, because I want her to feel the joy of seeing someone get baptized and change their life for the better. I have been praying alot to our heavenly father to bless me and help me be a good companion to know what to say and what scriptures to use and he is helping me. I have been able to feel the spirit work through me in the discussions. Never in my mission have I felt the impressions to tell people ¨äs a representative of jesus christ I promise you that....¨I seriously had to fight back the tears, and so did my investigators. They felt the spirit I know they did... it was undeniable. And I committed three of them to  be baptized this week! The Lord is always so good to me, thanks to his mercy and love I am the missionary I am today. He is showing me the things I need to do to be a better person, and a better servant of him. I love being a missionary. There is truly nothing else Id rather be doing with my time. So, on a fun side. I went to a quinceneira because my pensionistas daughter turn 15 and it was so cute! it made me think of mine! It was so nice to see her dance with her dad, and it made me miss my dad. He is such a great man, and I am glad that he is my dad. ,My dad will forever be the first man I have ever loved in my life. I miss you! BUT BUT BUT BUT--- i ate chicken heart soup this week... it was surprisngly delicious! I really liked it! haha. Oh and there are craxy amounts of dogs here, and they chased me and my companion. We had to throw rocks at them, because there was like 9 of them chasing us.... twice in one week! But we are all safe tho! oh the life of a missionary! I love you all and miss you! thank you for your support

con amor,

hermana macias

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