Monday, December 9, 2013

twelfth week

this week has been a hectic one... I have been SOOOO busy. Haha sorry for the sarcasm. I havent done anything at all this week. Last tuesday my companion and I had to travel to Huancayo because she needs to get her wisdom teeth taken out. We spent the whole week there. We were there from tuesday until saturday. We had a baptism for this week lined up but that fell through because we were sick, and she will be getting baptized this sunday. I would love it if you could seriously pray for Minerva, and for her baptism to go through. Anyway, I learned some really important things this week while I was in Huancayo. One thing, is service, and how to love your companion. We werent the only companionship in the sister mission home because of illness. There was another companionship there, and they do not get along at all. It shocked me to see them yelling at each other, and disrespecting one another infront of other sister missionaries. I was even more shocked to see that one companion didnt care about the health of her comp. SHe would see her cry because of the pain she was in and she wouldnt do anything to comfort her. She acted like it was nothing. I was surprised, because I did everything for my companion. I helped her with her pills, and I helped her walk because of the medication... she was a little tipsy. But anyway, I was seriously worried about my companion and I did everything in my power to make her feel comfortable. Which is why I was shocked to see other servants of the Lord not act like He would act. I really love my companion and the relationship we have. We are working hard, and having so much success together. Sadly, we wont be together next transfer, because my Mission President told me that I will be training so thats a bummer. But, what an honor to train once more! Anyway, I also realized how much I love the Holy Ghost, and how much I need His companionship. While I was in Huancayo I wasnt able to read my scriptures much because I was helping my companion with her doctor appointments, and I also wasnt teaching or proslyting. I noticed how empty and sad I felt to see so many people that I wasnt able to talk to and share this gospel with. I love being a missionary. I love being able to bring true joy to people, and show them where real happiness can be found. I seriously dont know how I was living my life before that I wasnt sharing the gospel with all of my non member friends. And I still cant understand how sometimes I would not read my scriptures for a day, and feel normal. I am truly changed by this wonderful experience to serve and wear my Savior´s name on my chest. I invite each and everyone of you to help the missionaries in your ward. Be a friend to their investigators, and give them references. Please pray and fast about one person that you could share the gospel with before christmas time. This is the time to share the goodnews that comes from the Savior. THAT HE LIVES, THAT HE ONCE DIED, BUT HE RESURRECTED. That he atoned for our sins, and thanks to Him we as well will have victory over death. I love my savior. I love his sacrifice that gives me an opportunity everyday to be the best Karen Lisette Macias that He knows that I can be. Also, please bring less actives back to the church. Dont forget about them. They need the gospel too, maybe even more because they once knew and they have fallen away. Go find our lost brothers and sisters. Remind them always that they are never forgetten in the eyes of our Heavenly Father or in the eyes of His true and ONLY church.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

con amor,

hermana macias

Alma 5:7;13

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