Tuesday, December 10, 2013

fourteenth week my shoes are worn, but they are worn because I am laboring in the work of salvation and I cannot be any happier.

Well, this week we had a baptism!!!!! Yes, I had my fourth baptism this week for this transfer! I am working harder now then I ever have in my mission. I can see the fruits of my labor, and see the faith of the wonderful people of Peru growing. I am learning alot right now. I am learning how to lean on my God, and my Savior for help. I am learning to be more humble, and always remember that my succes is not really mine, rather it is the Savior{s success. Everytime I have a baptism I realize the victory it is for Jesus Christ; it is His victory because His death is not in vain. I have found someone who is willing to leave everything behind to follow the Savior, and that in itself is a miracle from Heavenly Father. I am so gald to be sharing the good news of this christmas season that Jesus Christ was born, and lives! I love this work. I am truly happy. I have never been so happy and tired in my entire life. I am given my all and my best to my elder brother, and my supreme example of meekness, Jesus Christ. Well, what can I update you on.. its cold ;D haha whats new! But, my area is progressing really well despite the trails coming our way... and trust me there are many. But, the thing that impacted me the most was the Christmas devo I was able to watch yesterday. I really enjoyed the talks by Pres. Monson and Elder Nelson; they really spoke to me. I was wondering alot about the sacrifice the Savior has done for me and you, and I was wondering how I could possibly repay Him for so much mercy, and love shown to man kind. The answer came in the form of Pres. Monson. What gift are we going to bring to Jesus Christ on His birthday? Our heart. I can testify that that is the only true gift we can give our Savior! He has given us His all, then why cant we do the same? The only thing the Savior has ever asked of us is our willingness to be like Him, for our actions to be His, and for our Will to be the will of His Father. Its this time of year that we remember the Savior and His majesty, and it is this time of year that His spirit influences even the coldest of hearts. It is now more than ever that we can decide to change and be more like Him. I invite all of you to give the Savior the best gift possible, your heart. Align your will with His. It is now that you can spread His spirit to everyone by serving others, and testifying that He lives. That it is His spirit that summarizes the Christmas season. This time of miracles truly testifies that He lives, and that He loves each and everyone of us. I love my Savior, and I am glad that I can give Him this simple, and pure gift of my heart. I want to be more like Him. I want my countenace to testify that He lives, and that I love Him.

con amor,

Hna Macias

1 cor 1: 25-28
1 nephi 11:13-23

my shoes are worn, but they are worn because I am laboring in the work of salvation and I cannot be any happier.

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