Monday, December 9, 2013

eleventh week

Soo.... I have a cold... and yeah I dont feel super great, but thats fine. The work will always continue. Anyway, my companion isnt feeling super great. She has her wisdom teeth coming in and she is in a lot of pain. And it stinks to see her hurt so much, but I have been taking care of her, and the lord has been watching us. We couldnt go out and teach for 3 days straight, but our numbers didnt get too down! that made me really happy. Isnt it a crazy thought I have been out on my mission for 4 months! Crazy, right? But, I have never been happier in my life. I love being one of the Lord´s servants. I am loving this work even though at times it can be very discouraging. So the big news of this week... I had 3 baptisms! I have been working really hard in this new are to see progress, and the Lord is preparing the way. I love having baptisms, not because of the numbers, but because I see people change, and wanting to serve Jesus Christ. It is the most beautiful change you can ever witness in someone. It is so beatiful to see someone´s countiance change, to see the light in their eyes change to something so much better! Also,  it snowed last week! It is freezing here because I never get a break from the cold. I was super happy to see the snow to be honest, but my companion was  dying haha. She is from northern peru and over there its like 100 degrees like all the time so she is constantly coverted up, its pretty funny to witness to be honest haha. So anyway, I love you all and miss you. Sorry this is so short I had a lot of emails to write today. But I love this work and I know that this is the church of Jesus Christ it has changed my life. I feel so honored to wear my Savior´s name on my chest, to be one of his representatives. I know that my family will one day be an eternal family, and that we can all rejoice in the covenants we can make in the Temple with our Father in Heaven. I know that when we put our trust in Heavenly Father miracles can occur. I am so glad that Heavenly Father has placed all of you in my life.

hermana macias

helaman 10:4-5

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