Tuesday, December 10, 2013

fourteenth week my shoes are worn, but they are worn because I am laboring in the work of salvation and I cannot be any happier.

Well, this week we had a baptism!!!!! Yes, I had my fourth baptism this week for this transfer! I am working harder now then I ever have in my mission. I can see the fruits of my labor, and see the faith of the wonderful people of Peru growing. I am learning alot right now. I am learning how to lean on my God, and my Savior for help. I am learning to be more humble, and always remember that my succes is not really mine, rather it is the Savior{s success. Everytime I have a baptism I realize the victory it is for Jesus Christ; it is His victory because His death is not in vain. I have found someone who is willing to leave everything behind to follow the Savior, and that in itself is a miracle from Heavenly Father. I am so gald to be sharing the good news of this christmas season that Jesus Christ was born, and lives! I love this work. I am truly happy. I have never been so happy and tired in my entire life. I am given my all and my best to my elder brother, and my supreme example of meekness, Jesus Christ. Well, what can I update you on.. its cold ;D haha whats new! But, my area is progressing really well despite the trails coming our way... and trust me there are many. But, the thing that impacted me the most was the Christmas devo I was able to watch yesterday. I really enjoyed the talks by Pres. Monson and Elder Nelson; they really spoke to me. I was wondering alot about the sacrifice the Savior has done for me and you, and I was wondering how I could possibly repay Him for so much mercy, and love shown to man kind. The answer came in the form of Pres. Monson. What gift are we going to bring to Jesus Christ on His birthday? Our heart. I can testify that that is the only true gift we can give our Savior! He has given us His all, then why cant we do the same? The only thing the Savior has ever asked of us is our willingness to be like Him, for our actions to be His, and for our Will to be the will of His Father. Its this time of year that we remember the Savior and His majesty, and it is this time of year that His spirit influences even the coldest of hearts. It is now more than ever that we can decide to change and be more like Him. I invite all of you to give the Savior the best gift possible, your heart. Align your will with His. It is now that you can spread His spirit to everyone by serving others, and testifying that He lives. That it is His spirit that summarizes the Christmas season. This time of miracles truly testifies that He lives, and that He loves each and everyone of us. I love my Savior, and I am glad that I can give Him this simple, and pure gift of my heart. I want to be more like Him. I want my countenace to testify that He lives, and that I love Him.

con amor,

Hna Macias

1 cor 1: 25-28
1 nephi 11:13-23

my shoes are worn, but they are worn because I am laboring in the work of salvation and I cannot be any happier.

Monday, December 9, 2013

thirteenth week

hello friends and family what can I say about this week? Well we had a multi-zone in Huanuco and it was fun! There was 4 zones present and about like 10 companionships of sisters. It was nice to not be surounded by elders all the time haha. But the best part was that I got to see my favorite companion at the multi-zone! Hna Gale was my second companion in the mission, and I truly miss her. She is so funny and she is such a great missionary. It was her birthday, and I surprised her with some gifts nothing special, but something from the heart. After going to Huanuco we returned to Cerro, and to be honest I was so happy to be back. Huanuco is stinking hot, and I prefer the cold haha. Like at night it gets to 85 degrees, and needless to say I was dying of heat! Once I got back to Cerro my companion and I wanted to work really hard to have great numbers this week. We wanted to make up for the week we lost in Huancayo, and the 3 days we lost in Huanuco. Luckily, we were able to meet our goals with the help of our heavenly father. He is so good to us, and I have noticed that when I am more humble He blesses me more. We have been able to reactivate so many families, and it makes me so happy. We have also been finding a lot of golden investigators lately. But, the biggest blessing of all is that I will be having a baptism tomorrow! I am so happy! We have been praying alot for this investigator to be baptised and she will be. Her husband finally signed the permission slip, and she will be baptized tomorrow by the bishop. But, trials are always coming are way.  A couple things occurred that made us cry, and we were both really sad. . But, I am really grateful for this trial because it made me remember something really important. It made me remember my testimony, the first time I knew without a doubt in my heart that this is the true church of God. I was asking myself why I came out on my mission. Then I got the spiritual confirmation I got that afternoon when I was 15 years old. I am here because I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I know that He is the redeemer of the Lord, and that it is through His atonement that I can return to my Heavenly Father^s presence. I also know that God lives, and that I am His daughter. Everything in this world testifies that there is a living and loving God, and that he exists. We are His children. He knows me better than any other person in the world. I am His Daughter. I knew coming to my mission that it wasnt going to be easy. That people would reject the message I have to share, and would reject the charity and love I have for them. I knew that if it was never easy for our Savior, then of course it would never be easy for Him. I am glad to be walking the same path He had to walk for our salvation. It is thanks to His unselfish love that we have been redeemed. It is thanks to Him that we have the opportunity to live once more. I have reason to walk tall, and proud because I am doing the things that the Savior would do if He were here on earth personally ministering to this people. He is the person that inspires me to keep pressing on despite how difficult this can be at times. I love being a missionary. I wouldnt trait this experience for the world.

twelfth week

this week has been a hectic one... I have been SOOOO busy. Haha sorry for the sarcasm. I havent done anything at all this week. Last tuesday my companion and I had to travel to Huancayo because she needs to get her wisdom teeth taken out. We spent the whole week there. We were there from tuesday until saturday. We had a baptism for this week lined up but that fell through because we were sick, and she will be getting baptized this sunday. I would love it if you could seriously pray for Minerva, and for her baptism to go through. Anyway, I learned some really important things this week while I was in Huancayo. One thing, is service, and how to love your companion. We werent the only companionship in the sister mission home because of illness. There was another companionship there, and they do not get along at all. It shocked me to see them yelling at each other, and disrespecting one another infront of other sister missionaries. I was even more shocked to see that one companion didnt care about the health of her comp. SHe would see her cry because of the pain she was in and she wouldnt do anything to comfort her. She acted like it was nothing. I was surprised, because I did everything for my companion. I helped her with her pills, and I helped her walk because of the medication... she was a little tipsy. But anyway, I was seriously worried about my companion and I did everything in my power to make her feel comfortable. Which is why I was shocked to see other servants of the Lord not act like He would act. I really love my companion and the relationship we have. We are working hard, and having so much success together. Sadly, we wont be together next transfer, because my Mission President told me that I will be training so thats a bummer. But, what an honor to train once more! Anyway, I also realized how much I love the Holy Ghost, and how much I need His companionship. While I was in Huancayo I wasnt able to read my scriptures much because I was helping my companion with her doctor appointments, and I also wasnt teaching or proslyting. I noticed how empty and sad I felt to see so many people that I wasnt able to talk to and share this gospel with. I love being a missionary. I love being able to bring true joy to people, and show them where real happiness can be found. I seriously dont know how I was living my life before that I wasnt sharing the gospel with all of my non member friends. And I still cant understand how sometimes I would not read my scriptures for a day, and feel normal. I am truly changed by this wonderful experience to serve and wear my Savior´s name on my chest. I invite each and everyone of you to help the missionaries in your ward. Be a friend to their investigators, and give them references. Please pray and fast about one person that you could share the gospel with before christmas time. This is the time to share the goodnews that comes from the Savior. THAT HE LIVES, THAT HE ONCE DIED, BUT HE RESURRECTED. That he atoned for our sins, and thanks to Him we as well will have victory over death. I love my savior. I love his sacrifice that gives me an opportunity everyday to be the best Karen Lisette Macias that He knows that I can be. Also, please bring less actives back to the church. Dont forget about them. They need the gospel too, maybe even more because they once knew and they have fallen away. Go find our lost brothers and sisters. Remind them always that they are never forgetten in the eyes of our Heavenly Father or in the eyes of His true and ONLY church.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

con amor,

hermana macias

Alma 5:7;13

eleventh week

Soo.... I have a cold... and yeah I dont feel super great, but thats fine. The work will always continue. Anyway, my companion isnt feeling super great. She has her wisdom teeth coming in and she is in a lot of pain. And it stinks to see her hurt so much, but I have been taking care of her, and the lord has been watching us. We couldnt go out and teach for 3 days straight, but our numbers didnt get too down! that made me really happy. Isnt it a crazy thought I have been out on my mission for 4 months! Crazy, right? But, I have never been happier in my life. I love being one of the Lord´s servants. I am loving this work even though at times it can be very discouraging. So the big news of this week... I had 3 baptisms! I have been working really hard in this new are to see progress, and the Lord is preparing the way. I love having baptisms, not because of the numbers, but because I see people change, and wanting to serve Jesus Christ. It is the most beautiful change you can ever witness in someone. It is so beatiful to see someone´s countiance change, to see the light in their eyes change to something so much better! Also,  it snowed last week! It is freezing here because I never get a break from the cold. I was super happy to see the snow to be honest, but my companion was  dying haha. She is from northern peru and over there its like 100 degrees like all the time so she is constantly coverted up, its pretty funny to witness to be honest haha. So anyway, I love you all and miss you. Sorry this is so short I had a lot of emails to write today. But I love this work and I know that this is the church of Jesus Christ it has changed my life. I feel so honored to wear my Savior´s name on my chest, to be one of his representatives. I know that my family will one day be an eternal family, and that we can all rejoice in the covenants we can make in the Temple with our Father in Heaven. I know that when we put our trust in Heavenly Father miracles can occur. I am so glad that Heavenly Father has placed all of you in my life.

hermana macias

helaman 10:4-5

week tenth

Cold cold cold cold cold cold. It is seriously so flipping cold here!!! Its not as bad as rexburg, idaho or even utah, but the people here are so poor that they dont have heating! you can never escape from the cold. Its probably like 30 degrees in the day and maybe 15 at night. I am surprised that I havent gotten sick yet but I am so happy to be here. This area in Lima East was a punishment for disobedient missionaries. All of the missionaries that got sent here were sent because of their disobedience, because the conditions are so hard. But, with the new mission and new mission president he has changed that stigma of cerro de pasco. He says that the members deserve to have all good missionaries and not disobedient ones. He sent me this email this week:
Sister Macías: Thanks for your letter, and your sweet attitude. Or is that altitude? Anyway, thanks for being one of the Chosen Frozen. Like I have said multiple times, I send no one to Cerro that I don't trust. The wards there deserve good missionaries, the conditions are a challenge, and if you get sent to Cerro (and you did) that means I think highly of you. Good luck!

its nice to know that my mission president has so much confidence in me even though I have only been out on my mission for 4 months. Anway, my companion is awesome! Her name is Hna Becerra, and she is from Peru. She is such a great missionary. I really do not feel like I am training her at all. She has such a strong testimony of the gospel that I am truly honored to be her companion. Her and I are constantly laughing and teaching. We are having a lot of success and having fun while spreading the gospel. The way a mission should be! Thanks to hermana Becerra I am trying even harder to be a good senior companion, because I want her to feel the joy of seeing someone get baptized and change their life for the better. I have been praying alot to our heavenly father to bless me and help me be a good companion to know what to say and what scriptures to use and he is helping me. I have been able to feel the spirit work through me in the discussions. Never in my mission have I felt the impressions to tell people ¨äs a representative of jesus christ I promise you that....¨I seriously had to fight back the tears, and so did my investigators. They felt the spirit I know they did... it was undeniable. And I committed three of them to  be baptized this week! The Lord is always so good to me, thanks to his mercy and love I am the missionary I am today. He is showing me the things I need to do to be a better person, and a better servant of him. I love being a missionary. There is truly nothing else Id rather be doing with my time. So, on a fun side. I went to a quinceneira because my pensionistas daughter turn 15 and it was so cute! it made me think of mine! It was so nice to see her dance with her dad, and it made me miss my dad. He is such a great man, and I am glad that he is my dad. ,My dad will forever be the first man I have ever loved in my life. I miss you! BUT BUT BUT BUT--- i ate chicken heart soup this week... it was surprisngly delicious! I really liked it! haha. Oh and there are craxy amounts of dogs here, and they chased me and my companion. We had to throw rocks at them, because there was like 9 of them chasing us.... twice in one week! But we are all safe tho! oh the life of a missionary! I love you all and miss you! thank you for your support

con amor,

hermana macias