Monday, November 11, 2013

Ninth week

What is happening in Peru?!! Llamas, potatoes, rice....


Hi guys! Sorry I didnt write you yesterday, but my mission had transfers and it wasnt very oraganized to tell you the truth. We received 18  new missionaries on saturday and they met their trainers on sunday, then monday everyone got changed to their new areas. We receivced 8 north americans and just 2 latinas this transfer. We officially have more north americans then latinas, and most of the latinas will finish their missions next year in March-ish. Isnt that crazy! A lot of companionships are two gringas together! Crazy how much the mission is changing right? So what is new with me? Well.... I AM TRAINING! My daughter´s name is Hermana Becerra, and shes so great! I truly feel so honored to be her trainer. It is a truly humbling experience to have the Lord trust you enough to train one of his representatives when you have only been on your mission for so little. But, I am happy to serve her. Also, I finally left my first area :/ and it was probably one of the saddest things I have ever had to do. When the members, my investigators, and converts found out I was leaving they all came to my pensionista´s home to say good-bye. It was truly hard to hold back my tears. Alot of them cried and they wished that I could stay a little longer. I have truly come to love them all so much it was hard to say goodbye. Even though my ward was hard, I truly loved my time in La Florida. My new areathough is cerro de pasco. The tallest city in the world... it snows here! haha but I like it so far! everyone is amazed that I am not dying of sickness because of the altitude but the Lord always protects his servants and I know that he is protecting me. Sorry the email is short... the internet here is slow and keeps freezing.


hermana macias

John 17:3-4;6

my mission plack scrupture and it is soooo true! 

she is my momma in la florida! she is from mexico! She seriously took care of me so well. But, dont worry mom... I will always love you more than anyone else!

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