Sunday, October 20, 2013

seventh week

So... lets see.. where to start, lets start with some humor? Ok, so last week I got hit on and got asked out on a date! Yeah.. thats right. Somebody asked me out haha. It was a little weird to be honest. I think I have been on the mission for a long time because I didnt realize until like way later that he was only hitting one me. His name is Freddy and he came up to me and started asking about the church. Me being a missionary didnt think much of it, and thought heck ya I can contact him. Then I realize like 10 minutes later that he has not even directed a word to my companion. Thats when he began to ask me how long I would be on a mission for and he offered to buy me a drink. Haha.. thats when it hit me that he wasnt that interested in the message I had to share... Oh the adventures of being a sister missionary in South America. Its really fun. So the biggest highlight of this week was the fact that I got to have an interview with my Mission President. Thats seriously a huge perk of serving in Huancayo that the mission office is 10 minutes from my house, and I can go often and speak to my mission president and his wonderful wife. I went into the interview super excited because I truly love my mission president, and I love talking to him whenever I get the chance. He and I began to talk about my area, and my companionship... and we all know how that is going. And he gave me words of comfort. He apologized and told me that maybe the companionship wasnt inspired. I told him that he had no reason to apologize because I truly feel like this was inspired. I have always had a hard time telling people how I feel when they are mistreating me... many people told me that need to grow a back bone, or in your mission something is gonna happen that is going to force you to have a backbone. I truly feel like this experience is helping me do just that. Our inventories are honest, and I tell her exactly how I feel. After telling my mission president this he felt alot better, He asked me about how my family was doing, and my brothers. I got to update him about how AMAZINGLY AWESOME my family is. I also told him about the plans I have to chnage my ward and their excitement about missionary work. After I was done explaining all this to him he looked at me and smiled. He said, Hermana Macias you have truly changed. You are not the same missionary that came 3 months ago. At first I didnt think much of that because I truly feel like I havent changed much if at all, but once I got home I realized how true that was. I have changed. I am a confident missionary, and I am not as shy as I used to be. I know that it is the atonement of Jesus Christ and the love of my Heavenly Father that I am changing. I am finally becoming the person that they know I can be. I am finally becoming the Karen Lisette Macias that I have always wanted to be for them. I am learning to forget myself, and change who I am for the Savior. It is a humbling experience, and its an honor to be placed in the purifying fire of the love of Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ. I am grateful for trials, and for all of the experiences I have had on the mission because it is allowing me to come to know a man of sorrows, and grief. My Savior. He is the only person that truly knows everything that I am experiencing here on the mission, and I am experiencing all these things for His sake. It is truly a privilege to go through this for my Savior, and to have Him at my Side experiencing all these things. My mission president is right... I am a different person. I am glad that I am. The person I was before was a great person too.. but this new me is more like my Savior. I hope to keep improving so that one day I can be just like Him. Also, its been pouring rain here in Huancayo! But the funny thing is that whenever I have my rain jacket or a coat on it doesnt rain. But, whenever I am not ready for all the rain.. it pours and it never ends from morning until the night. Its kind of fun though. Well, kind of. Sometimes we try to go to a members house to wait for the rain to stop but the members wont let us in and they say stay warm and dry..... but they dont let us in haha. Its really funny. Oh also, appárently I talked in my sleep this week, and it was in Spanish! Thats a super good sign... well I would like to believe. That means my Spanish is getting better. They say that you know when your spanish is good when you dream in Spanish... I imagine that its the same when you sleep talk right? haha. Also, cuy is nasty. Totes not worth eating! I also almost died of being overfed yesterday, but the member said that if we didnt finish she would be offended... I couldnt walk and I almost through it up. Haha its kind of funny how thats my problem here... being fed too much by her. Oh well.

I love you all!

hermana macias 

here and there, now and then God makes a giant among men.

Here is me and the cuy I ate.. its an ugly animal
Here is me and Hna Rhoten and Witt... we are the only american hnas in Huancayo
Here is my sister missionary tan... I am really proud. I have worked hard for it haha

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