Sunday, October 20, 2013

fifth week

Ok, sorry if this email  isnt very long because the keyboard is horrible and the internet is soooo slow. Well, I was not transferred and I am not training thank goodness!! The amount of sisters expected didnt come. So I am soo happy haha. Anyway, I have a new companion from Peru and shes nice. She doesnt really know much so I am basically the senior companion and its hard. But, I love it because I am learning so much from the responsibility. But, I am part of a new zone! There are now 5 zones in Huancay0, and things are a tad disorganized, but theyll fix themselves out with time. This week has been a hard one, because of my new added responsibility. Also, there is so much progress with my ward and the members are helping out a ton. I had to work a lot to get to where we are. The members that kind of worked before are now working really hard with our referrals, and i appreciate it a ton. We have been having more activities to invite non members, and they have been fun and weird at the same time haha. Like two days ago they had a carnival and a food feast. I tried a ton of authentic peruvian food... I have never had corn, potatoes and rice in so many different ways haa. Like the food wasnt that great if I am going to be honest. I almost through some of it up. BUT speaking of food my pensionista is making me guinea pig this week, and she isnt telling me when so I can eat it. I am so scared! Like dude.. thats a rat shes gonna feed me haha. But, give me prayers so that I can eat it and not get sick. Mind over matter, right? I hope so haha. We were gonna have a baptism last night but it didnt go through because she did not want to get baptized and her mom wouldnt let her either. It is a sad experience but what can you do right? Agency.. everyone has it and sometimes it can get annoying ha. So I have come to realize a lot this week how amazing the savior is. Everyone knows that he lived a perfect live and it was free from sin. But everyone seems to forget that he suffered temptations too, and that he has felt everything for us in the garden of gethesamene. He knows what is feels like to have cancer, to be spit on, made fun of, humilated, and hated... and he didnt deserve it. He did that for us to be a PERSONAL savior for us all. He needed to learn how to succor his people. Its amazing to take that all into consideration and to let that all sink in. Its truly amazing. I love our Savior. I truly dont know where I would be in my life if it wasnt for the atonement, and me knowing how much he and Heavenly Father love me. It is truly remarkable. OH BUT I HAVE SUPER HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE NEWS.... I can now snap my fingers together like all the latinos and north americans that have served spanish speaking missions haha. I have been trying to learn how to do this for like ever, but I finally devoted time to it yesterday. Like no matter where I was walking I was practing loosing up my index finger to snap on the rest when I flicked it ha. I am so proud of my self to be honest. Sorry the email was so short... the internet was super slow and I hate this keyboard.

take care

Hermana Macias 

1 nephi 3:5

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