Friday, September 27, 2013

Fourth week

Where to start this week has been awesome! Its been hard but awesome! Like last pday we spent it with Sister Henderson! She helped us make brownies! They were so delicious! My favorite part of that pday was the fact that I got to wear President Hendersons apron... its like I was mission president for a day haha. I love them so much! It has been raining so much here! Like it is so odd.. its super hot, and it rains.. or its super hot and its way cold in the shade. Its like my poor body doesnt know what to feel exactly haha. Like it has given me the sniffles a little bit, but dont worry I am taking care of myself, because a sick missionary is a no good missionary because it makes it super hard to teach! My companion has been sick all week, and its super hard to watch. But, shes great she doesnt let that stop her from working hard. I love our companionship because we both try our hardest everyday to serve the Lord, and the people of our area. So... I am pretty sure I have told you before a mexican family moved into my ward! They are a tender mercy of the lord for sure. I have been praying everyday for the lord to help us and try to get the members excited about missionary work, and then they moved into the ward! The two daughters want to go out with us and do splits! They are the best and the mom wants to have FHE at her place all the time and she wants us to invite our investgators. Can you say blessings? I love their family.. and I feel like the Lord sent them my way to help me not get homesick. I love speaking to them whenever I see them because they are so warm and sweet. They make me miss my parents less, and they want to cook  me mexican food.. which is sweet because I wont miss home so much. `Peru is great, but the mexican culture is so different and the people are warmer. But, what can you do... I am going to show them what it means to me a mexican american haha.. despite that I am so white.. A lot of people dont believe me when I tell them my parents are latinos... darn my whitenesS haha. Also, I baptized a family on saturday! A mother and her two kids! It was awesome! I have been here since the beginning and its great to see someone change their live for the better. Its amazing to see their faith grow when you look into their eyes when they are bearing their testimony. That family is so special to me because it makes me think of our family. My mom and my brothers and I decided to get baptized and I know that it has been the greatest decision we have ever made! Having the privilige to serve alongside my brothers is a blessing because we are working together to bring people unto christ. I am so glad I was born into a righteous loving family that loves the gospel. I am glad that my dad has helped raise his kids in the gospel, despite him not being a member. I know he is a great man, and I am so glad he allowed us to be raised in the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Also, guys I have a baptism today for a young woman who is amazing! I love teaching her because she is so strong! Also... rumor has it that I am training this transfer! One of the sister training leaders told me that... and I hope not I do not feel ready! My very own training is not even over yet! But the Lord knows better than I do, and if he says I am ready then I must be. All I know is that I am going to need your prayers if I am going to train. I want to be a good trainer.
hermana macias
Alma 32:27 this goes great with the talk Lord I believe by Elder Holland!

I am happy to be serving the Lord!

This week has been super hard! It was our first week completely by ourselves without our trainer. But we have learned alot! Like we have found 2 whole families to teach and they have accepted a baptismal date! It is so awesome because I have been praying to find more investigators, and we found them! Its great!!! I have been trying so hard lately to be more humble, because I have come to realize that humility is the key to success in the mission. If you are not humble good flippin luck to you! For real! We have walked so much this week! Like to the point that my feet were bleeding a little bit, because of my shoes and how try my skin is in the mountain air. But, I am okay with that! I am happy to be serving the Lord! He never said it would be easy but he did say it would be worth it! And I can definitely tell you that it is so worth it! I have come home everyday this week completely exhausted! I just want to sleep but instead, I try to study during all my free time to help my investigators, and to become a better missionary.. Like seriously I wait til 10:30 to go to bed, and I study as soon as I wake up and wait to take a shower, and I also read while in the bathroom haha. You can never study too much or be too obedient. So this week as 9/11 and Hermana Gale and I asked our pensionista to make us hot dogs in order to help us through this hard time in our nations history... And she totally did it! haha it was awesome! Her and I got to eat legit hot dogs! Which is a nice break from all the rice they feed us, and potatoes! Oh also, I found 50 soles on the floor that day! It is so nice! Because thats all the money I get for the month, and I found it on the floor! But, I am going to use it today to buy my pensionista flowers, because she is so good to us. She is always feeding us and helping us... and she actually cooks a lot for us compared to other pensionistas! Like some missionaries literally just eat like a boiled egg and avena.... thats it for breakfast and dinner. Also, this week we had a missionary activity because our ward does not care about la obra misional ( I forgot how to say it in english), and we had a movie night. The point is to have one of these activities every week, and for them to invite investigators for us to meet. This week we watched the other side of heaven. Hermana Gale and I were super happy to watch a movie! We were so happy because we thought it would be in english with subtitles in spanish... and it wasnt and it ended up making us super trunky! Like they talked about BYU, dating, marriage, going home, and it just made us trunky! Haha like there is a part where they kiss and her and I had to turn around to not see it, and the ward thought we were trying to be funny... but literally we did it because we knew it would make us miss home.. and our old lives... like being able to hang out with boys by myself without a babysitter haha. Also, mom good luck with your talk in stake conference! I know youll dp great because youre a macias! We had stake conference this week, and it was odd because its for all of peru and its from salt lake. The leaders in the stake dont speak, its literally just a thing they watch. But the talks were awesome! Two apostles spoke and the second counselor of relief society.


Hermana Macias 

1 Timothy 4:12-15