Thursday, August 8, 2013

I made it to Peru

Hi Family!
I made it to Peru safely last night. But, I made it to the MTC like 3 hours late. I got in at like 3 am. I am pretty tired, because the Americans got to sleep in til 9, but since I am fluent I had to get up with the Latinos... at 7:00... So needless to say I am pretty tired. But,  its a lot to take in. My companion is Hermana Ninaja.. she is 39. Yeah, I don`t know how this is gonna work out. But the Lord works in amazing ways. I am sure that I will learn something. Lima is very beautiful! It is like Mexico but honestly I think its prettier, and cleaner. No offense Mom  and Dad. But it is a little chilly. Kind of like California during the winters. I havent done much other than get my name tags, received one more shot, and some materials to teach. I should be meeting the president of the MTC in a little bit. I am pretty excited about that. Anyway, I love you and I cant wait to email you on my PDAY.
Hermana Macias


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