Thursday, August 8, 2013

First week


I loved your emails.. It made me cry actually... which I am not proud of. The MTC has been sooooo hard. My companion is 39 years old, and I am with the Latinos. The Latinos are very nice but there spanish is crazy fast and its hard to catch up. My companion is very stubborn and isnt obedient and worse of all she treats me like a little kid because I am younger than her and I hate that. But, I have tried praying everyday multiple times a day for her and it can only get better. Sometimes I kind of wish I didn't know spanish because I would be in the group with the kids I met at the Airport instead of the Latinos.
Anyway, the Latinos finally warmed up to me despite the fact that I am american. But, the Elders are constantly staring at me. At first I didnt like it very much because they would check me out, but now that I got to know them I love them. My two favorite elders are Elder Torres from Peru, and Elder Parra from Utah. Elder Parra and I translate like twice a week for the nonspanish speakers for devo and chruch and boy its hard! Latinos speak really fast and it confuses me. I will admit though despite all of the discouragement I get I often feel comfort from my Father in Heaven. I have never had so many prayers answered so quickly in such little time. All my prayers here ALWAYS get answered. I love it.
I want to thank you for writing me. I want to share a really need experience.. I have a bookmark someone gave me and I have them in my scriptures? I left it in my english scriptures, and I use them alongside my spanish ones. One day I seriously was on the brink of tears because my companion and I dont get along as hard as I try. I was sad that I had a compánion who wouldnt listen and what not. Then I read my bookmark that said WORRY IS THE ANTICIPATION THAT THE OUTCOME WILL BE BAD. FAITH IN THE ANTICIPATION THAT THE OUTCOME WILL BE GOOD. AND FAITH IN GOD IS THE ANTICIPATION THAT WHATEVER THE OUTCOME IT IS FOR YOUR GOOD. I needed to hear that so much. It was an answer to a prayer.
Also, I met Blayre Thiel here at the MTC! She came to the MTC the same day as me and is going to the Lima East mission the mission that mine broke from. She lives right across the hall from me. I LOVE HER! Her and I get along really well and are constantly laughing. She is from Idaho Falls, and we get to talk about Idaho and remense about America haha.
Like the food here is eh... I eat rice and potatoes all the time and I hate it! Like who in the world thinks that eating that many carbs is a good idea? Like really come on. What is amazing is that I have not gained weight! To the contrary I have lost weight.. I dont know how but I did it. Anyway back to the rice like its so plain and they only let you eat three times a day. But what can you do. Oh and they eat eggs all the time its digusting.  
 Anyway, I love you tons. And always remember in the mission field after every no you are only getting closer to a yes.

With lots of love,

Hermana Macias
The attached pictures are with me and Herm. Thiel and Herm, Scott. Then my district theyre all goofs but I love them. I went out on my PDAY and I bought bags and ties for the family.

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