Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Spirit Speaks In All Languages

I love sister missionaries! I have had the blessing of working with the sisters serving in my family ward since I was 16 years old. Last Sunday, I decided to go out with the Hermanas in the ward, and teach an investigator. This man was the ex-husband of a member in the ward. He was not a member, and his ex-wife has been a member for less than a year. Apparently he had been having a very hard time, and expressed that to his ex-wife. She told him that she could ask for the Elders in her church to give him a blessing of comfort. Luckily he accepted the blessing, and asked to take the discussions from the sisters (his home was in the Sisters' area). This man's name was Luis, and he was explaining to me and the sisters that he had been having a very hard time lately. He explained that when he was younger he was active in his church, but as he grew up he stopped attending. He figured that nothing in his life was going right, and that if he got closer to Heavenly Father maybe things would change. Now, keep in mind this is all going on in Spanish. I am fluent in Spanish, but sometimes I forget how to say certain phrases or expressions because I do not use them often. The sisters decided to ask me out of the blue if I had anything to say to Luis. I was caught off guard, but proceeded to talk. I expressed to Luis that I knew that Heavenly Father loved him, and was mindful of him. I said many other things that I felt prompted to say by the spirit, and it seemed to touch his heart. But, I quickly disregarded my feelings because I thought, "What do I know I'm only 20 years old, and I can barely communicate myself in Spanish effectively". After teaching the discussion the sisters and I left, and they explained to me that what I said in there was perfect! They felt like they were struggling in making a personal connection with him, but until I spoke the spirit was not very present. I did not think much of what I said, but apparently it was perfect! I feel like whenever I bear my testimony to somebody I find that I get happier, because I know the things that I am saying are true.
So there is a second reason why I felt like writing about this topic since this experience happened a couple days ago. One of my best friends is preparing to serve a mission as well. She had been called to serve in the New Zealand Temple Visiting Center in Hamilton, and she reports to the MTC a week before me. In the winter semester at BYU-Idaho her and I would talk a lot about our missions. She really wanted to go Spanish speaking, and since I spoke Spanish we decided to start teaching her the language. The first thing we thought was necessary to learn was how to bear her testimony in Spanish. We would practice all the time, and at one point she had it memorized. But, as time went on, and both of our calls came and she was not called to speak Spanish so we stopped practicing. Fast forward to April of this year, and she came down to visit me in California. She couldn't really remember how to bear her testimony, but she could get a few words out. Now super fast forward to today! I talked to her a little, and she informed me that she was able to go out with the sisters in Idaho Falls. But, she didn't tell me that they were the Spanish speaking sisters! She told me that she went out with them, and was able to bear her testimony. It had been months since we last practiced. This is a reassurance that the Spirit will always testify of the reality of the things that we say. No matter what language, or our fluency in it. The Spirit will always allow us to express ourselves. 

Lift up your heart and rejoice, for the hour of your mission is come; and your tongue shall be loosed, and you shall declare aglad tidings of great joy unto this generation.

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